Laying Greyhounds

Laying Greyhounds

The biggest hurdle when laying the dogs can be getting the right odds. Betfair do not really give very good odds and Betdaq are simply a waste of time for laying greyhounds. Our points system can make things easier, which I will try to explain here. Our previous points/tips can be viewed here Previous Tips to give you an idea.

BetfairEx3 - Laying Greyhounds
PointsEx2 - Laying Greyhounds

As can be seen in the image above, each dog is allocated points. The more points a dog is given, the more chance they have of winning (in our opinion).

The one’s we are interested in here are the greyhounds with the lowest points. Trap 2 has the lowest points, but the lay odds are to high at 14, so we look at the dog with the next lowest points which is trap 1 with odds of 5.5.

As it was, trap 4 went on to win the race anyway, but that is how we make our lay selection. In some cases, you can look at the three dogs with the lowest points to make your selection. It is a matter of finding a balance between the greyhound points and the betting odds.

Laying Greyhounds Points System

Within our points system you will see some greyhound with very low points, 1, 2 or 3 some days these are perfect if the odds are good.

The way I do my lay betting is that I set a win profit for the day of £50, once that daily profit is achieved that’s it for the day. You must be disciplined with laying or betting on the greyhounds if you are not then you can lose a lot of money. So set a daily win profit of £20, £30, £40 or £50 before you start, once this has been reached, stop for the day until tomorrow. I make my basic selections first thing in the morning by using the points system and checking against odds checker

Automated Betting

My bets are automated using The Staking Machine and Gruss Software although there is other software you can use as well. The lay system I use is Lay % Up Down, there are other systems, but this is my favored system.

Most days I can get to my win profit for the day within the first hour but today it took me two hours. Sometimes things can go wrong, it has happened to me on a few occasions. If for instance you get three dogs win, that you lay straight after each other your bank is going to go down rapidly. You need to ensure you have a large enough starting bank to allow for this.

Therefore, you should start off low and build, my advice is to look for a daily win profit of £20 and build your bank. After a week you will have an extra £140 and, in a month, you will have £560. Then set your daily win profit of £30 to win £210 a week, this is a realistic way to build your bank without risking to much at the start.

Most people are put off laying greyhounds because of the size of bet they must make. For instance, to win just £4 at odds of 4.0 you have a liability of £16, quite a risk. However, it is much easier to find a loser in a race than it is a winner.

Laying Greyhounds A Few Notes

1. Don’t fall into the trap that most people do, be disciplined, set a target and stick to it. If you have set a win profit for the day of only £20, you can win this within the first six races. Then you might think to yourself, that was easy, I will just go on a bit, big mistake. Stick to your guns, pack it up for the day and start again in the morning.

2. Watch the odds, it is no good laying dogs with to greater odds, I look for odds of between 2.0 to 6.0 but sometimes up to 8.0. If a dog, you lay does win at least you have some control of what you have lost.

3. You do not need to find a lay on every race, if the points are not good enough or the odds are not good then leave this race alone.

4. Use a system, as I said earlier, I personally use Lay % Up Down because it suits me.

5. Never wager more than you can afford to lose.

6 thoughts on “Laying Greyhounds”

  1. Hello
    Just came across your site. Do you have a historic results page that I could look at? When are the figures for the dogs made available? Do Betbot Pro and Staking Machine both work ok for your tips?

    Do you recommend backing or dutching for the high rated dogs?

    1. Hello Graeme,
      I do not keep historic results anymore but in the “Expert Tip” now I post the results. To give you an idea of what the greyhound tips/points sheet looks like, here is a link to yesterday’s excel sheet: Tips/Points Excel Sheet I post the new tips each morning usually between 5am and 6am. Yes both those software packages work very well with my tips/points. I use Rolling Doubles for the expert tips but how you use them is up to you.

  2. Hi Chris – could you check this please …
    In this seven day test, I am hoping to win £50 a day or £350 a week but things can go wrong. In the settings I have the software to stop, when a win profit for the day reaches £50 or a loss of £100 a day is matched. It is very rare that I could get three losing days in a week but it could happen. If this did happen then my win profit for the week would only be £50. I could quite easily get one losing day in a week and of course if that happened, then I would only win £250 in that week.

    3 losing days = -300
    4 winning days = 200

    I’m about to sign up anyway.

    1. Hello,
      In the settings I had, I would be prepared to lose a maximum of £100 a day, but would hope to win £50 a day.
      Yes you are correct sorry about this and thanks for pointing it out.
      Regards Chris.

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