One Week’s Testing Of Greyhound Lays

£297.77 To £667.78 In Seven Days

This is for a full weeks testing of my Greyhound tips and points and using BetBotPro

In fact I had started a couple of days ago with £200 but the virtual money I am using says £297.77 now. I am using virtual money here, because I have my real money actually laying live on my laptop right now. My account is private, so for this demo I will use virtual money. I am trying to win a daily profit of £50 using £4 stakes.

I am using my greyhound tips – points as they appear on my website each morning, these are the exact points that members would have been using. I can supply proof of these points if anybody wants to see them.

Laying dogs is placing a bet in the hope that this greyhound loses that race, I do not want my selection to win. I do not like to lay greyhounds when there are only five runners, and I do not lay dog’s when there are reserve’s running. 


In this seven day test, I am hoping to win £50 a day or £350 a week but things can go wrong. In the settings I have the software to stop, when a win profit for the day reaches £50 or a loss of £100 a day is matched. It is very rare that I could get three losing days in a week but it could happen. If this did happen then my win profit for the week would only be £50. I could quite easily get one losing day in a week and of course if that happened, then I would only win £250 in that week.

It is best to look at laying greyhounds on a long term basis. I would advise starting small and build a bank, even winning £10 a day would give £280 after the first month, £20 a day would give us £560 a month. I have written a full guide on how to lay greyhounds here Laying Greyhounds

  • Start Day 1 Wallet Total £297.77
  • End Of Day 1 Wallet Total £347.45
  • End Of Day 2 Wallet Total £397.91
  • End Of Day 3 Wallet Total £451.11
  • End Of Day 4 Wallet Total £508.11
  • End Of Day 5 Wallet Total £561.22
  • End Of Day 6 Wallet Total £614.62
  • End Of Day 7 Wallet Total £667.78

Day 1 Testing Greyhound Tips Lays 1st May 2019

Day 2 Of Testing o76qa0wsmcahfnqtk2jdd6uc0jyq2ikyga3qhow0fc - One Week's Testing Of Greyhound Lays

As can be seen in the image above the date says 01st May 2019. This is in the morning and I have made all of my selections, the software is running. You will see in this first race I have selected two greyhounds trap 3 and trap 4. As the software kicks in 60 seconds before the start of the race it will look for a matched lay bet. I have set my criteria in the settings to only lay a dog if it’s odds are between 2.0 and 8.0. It will also only lay one dog per race. 

Day 2 Of Testing 2 o76qo2lyr7gwnb5kont36tj35sjs67543podprpoxs - One Week's Testing Of Greyhound Lays

Now we are just into early afternoon and you can see in the image above, the virtual wallet now says £347.45, so the win/profit of £50 has been matched and the software has stopped.

Day 2 Testing Greyhound Points Lays 2nd May 2019

Day 3 Of Testing o78b7hajx3sfgps92qkv8yoe2w2fsqafrs51lfnqmi - One Week's Testing Of Greyhound Lays

As can be seen in the image above I had three bets that went astray but these recovered quite well. The virtual wallet has now increased to £397.91 so all is well. 

I am using £4 stakes but £2 stakes can be used, it also deducts 20p off each lay bet because of Betfair’s commission. I reached my win/profit this morning after 17 races.

Day 3 Testing Greyhound Points System Lays 3rd May 2019

Day 4 Of Testing o79y8ca7hekd7u7ok37qg8rw7gj12vr9zy6zudmi2g - One Week's Testing Of Greyhound Lays

The virtual wallet has now increased to £451.11. Still keep getting these odd winners but the recovery software using BetBotPro is working well and the loss was recovered after 4 lays, as set in the settings. So far everything is going to plan with my greyhound tips points system and I have a profit of £153.34 after three days.

Day 4 Testing Greyhound Tips Lays 4th May 2019

Day 5 Of Testing 53.20 o7d19pjds8nycz5cbhq0ssqricme9j0ykgg5vxbhma - One Week's Testing Of Greyhound Lays

At the end of the fourth day of testing demonstration I have now increased the bank to £508.11. I had things to do today so had to wait until the afternoon before starting today’s greyhound lays. Being that it was a Saturday, it meant there were plenty of races to choose from, over 400.

As can be seen above I have included a Youtube video this time to show how the lays were going live. After 4 days I now have a profit of £210.34 and it only took 15 races 1 hour and 40 minutes to get to this profit using £4 stakes. 

Day 5 Testing Greyhound Tips Lays 5th May 2019

Day 6 Of Testing 53.11 o7diicf2c69p1ic17t3pa9mmz0q5hjsaj999sgk2sa - One Week's Testing Of Greyhound Lays

Now at the end of the fifth day of testing my greyhound tips and points and BetBotPro. The bank has now increased to £561.22. It took 16 races to reach the win target today with just one result not going according to plan. As can be seen in the image above, no lay bets were made on the races 11:34, 11:39 and 11:42 this was because the odds were out of the set range.

Day 6 Testing Greyhound Tips Lays 6th May 2019

Day 7 Of Testing 53.40 1 o7f5txqdxdrb0fbitltatn73t11ozu8103en7x2qsy - One Week's Testing Of Greyhound Lays

Today was a little more difficult than it should have been to reach the £50 win profit for the day. I have my settings set to stop if I was losing £150 and another losing bet after the loss of £36.12 would have stopped the software. So instead of the £614.62 total it would have been £150 less, I would have still been in profit for the week, but only about £260.

Over the course of a week though we should always be able to show a profit but, having losing days will happen, we have to accept that.  

Day 7 Last Day Of Testing Greyhound Lays 7th May 2019

Day 8 Of Testing 53.16 o7gumegvy3krst1x9vu3j2br5mfiobjwdvrgp7i686 - One Week's Testing Of Greyhound Lays

Day 7 and the last day of testing BetBotPro with my greyhound tips and points. Again I had 3 lay bets that went unexpectedly wrong and had to be recovered. There were some quite large bets being placed to recover the loss and this is where it puts some people off. One lay bet that was being placed was over £80 just to win £4 but that is lay betting.

However, I did get a profit everyday and I hope this has shown you what can be achieved with lay betting the greyhounds. 

32 thoughts on “One Week’s Testing Of Greyhound Lays”

  1. Hi Chris do you load up your selections into betbotpro with an excel .csv file? If so do you have a sample? My email is dougkbkai @ . Enjoying the results form the ratings so far. Would recommend.

  2. Hi Chris, I would also appreciate any info about loading up selections into BetbotPro each day. What are the recommended settings, etc ?
    Cheers, Gavin.

  3. Hi Chris. I’m already a user of The Bet Engine. Would the same .csv file apply? I’m very keen to adopt this approach, just don’t have the physical time to go through race by race and tick the relevant boxes for an entire day. Many thanks

    1. Sorry never used The Bet Engine and always enter my lays manually.
      I like to be better protected. Sometimes there may be a replacement running or odds fluctuate too much etc.
      So I have never used .csv file.

  4. Hi Chris, Just signed up for a week and so far impressed with today’s results, already using Betbot with other settings, do you have a copy of yours available to import and can i ask What time do you have your points sheet up?? Cheers

  5. Hi Chris,
    Pleased to see you are up and running again-well done.
    I signed up for one week,which has ended now,(I had the full week)but I can still access the points system!,(I’m honest).
    I am going to sign up for another week again,as I have not used the info on my BetbetPro software yet.
    I see some users have requested your settings for Betbotpro,would it please be possible for me to have a copy as well,as I want to be sure that I have everything set up correctly.
    Is it really possible to make £50 per day,(with the odd losing day),I would be more than happy with less than that,perhaps I should sign up for the monthly subscription and done with it!.
    Best regards,

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the access should be sorted now.
      Yes, it is possible to make £50 a day with the odd losing day, I do this every day myself as do other members on here.
      Some members look to only make £20 a day but, yes it is true.

  6. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for reply.
    You didn’t mention about the copy of the settings for BetbotPro.
    Would be most grateful if I could have a copy please.
    I have purchased a weeks subscription.
    Many thanks,

  7. Hi Chris, I signed up for a weeks subsrciption to your servive and I’m really pleased with the results after 5 days! over £150 profit from using your points system as a guide for my lay selections. Thanks alot and I’ll be signing up for a monthly subscription once this one ends. I’m keen to try the automated betting for when im sleeping during the day as I work nights so have just downloded Betbotpro. Please can you send me the settings you use for this and also some info on how to load up the selections as I’ve never used an automated betting system before.
    Thanks again!


    1. Hello, Glad you have been in profit straight away. BetBotPro is an excellent software and you can run it in simulation mode to get used to it first if you wish. I have sent the settings to your email address, thanks Chris.

  8. Hi Chris. Could you possibly email the settings for BetBot Pro. I think I’ve got the settings correct would b great to check.
    Many thanks

  9. yes read it thanks , what’s your bank now , i suppose liquidity on the greyhounds is a problem , might just try one day for now

    1. I always think the best way is to try it for a day or week and try it in simulation mode with BetBotPro. You can also get a free trial with the software as well. I maintain my bank now by leaving £2000 in the account and I withdraw any profits from the week.

  10. wouldn’t be happy using the recover method using the bot myself but might still look at your pts system ratings sometime , thanks for all your help today

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