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Greyhound Racing Today

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Every morning I will be giving unique lay points for all Greyhound racing today from Australia, Great Britain, and Ireland. I have been providing this unique points system here in the UK for quite a while now with great success. My 2nd book Greyhound Betting Systems That Win was released about the same time as this website.

I collect a huge amount of greyhound data and statistics which includes. Breeding, previous race odds, speed, weight, how a greyhound runs in previous races, seasons, going and much more. A statistic we are focusing more on now is if a dog finds in race trouble. But, there is a massive amount of information that is analyzed by our software before points are allocated. 

There are a huge number of greyhound races each day, that we cover. Today at the time of writing this there have been 6,034 dogs that have been analyzed in great detail by our software. But, this is not just today, we cover every greyhound in every race each day, 7 days a week.

Lay points will be allocated to every Greyhound racing today from Australia. With our lay points, we are looking for the greyhounds with the lowest points. Very much similar to our other guide One Week’s Testing Of Greyhound Lays but with some variations.

greyhound racing today australia

As you can see in the image above Trap 5 was allocated 44 points, Trap 1 was allocated 23 points, Trap 8 was allocated 19 points. Trap 5 went on to win comfortably, it was expected that trap 1 would finish 2nd but careered and was not placed.

The dogs we were interested in though, for our lay bets, would have been. Trap 2 with 5 points, trap 4 with 7 points and trap 7 with 2 points. The traps/boxes with 0 points had no dogs in them.

(Sometimes a dog can have 0 points, so watch out for this.)

After experimenting with the points for the Australia greyhounds, I have found it is better to look at laying the dogs, only with less than 12 points. 

To make it easier any greyhound with points above 12 will be highlighted in red a shown in the image below.

Aus Points System

Greyhound racing today covers a lot of races so we can be very selective with our lay bets. For instance, if we have a lot of dogs in a race with quite close points, for instance. Trap 1 = 15, Trap 2 = 16, Trap 3 =17 then we have trap 4 = 12, trap 5 = 11, trap 6 = 10. Then we might want to leave this race alone.

I like to find the races where we have two or three dogs with quite high points. As the race in the above image, those are the ideal races for us to lay dogs.

Recommended Software

In my opinion, BetBotPro is the best bot for laying the greyhounds. You can make your selections at the start of the day and let the bot run. As long as you have your settings correct, the bot will move sequentially through your selections. As each race becomes live, it will lay bets, if all the conditions are met, automatically.

Gruss software combined with The Staking Machine is also extremely good software. The problem is though that you have to have both pieces of software running at the same time. However, when I was using these two I had no problems whatsoever, in fact, they ran flawlessly. The rolling doubles strategy was my favorite with this combination and I have made quite a lot of money with this system. In fact, my most popular Youtube videos How To Win £40 Profit In Less Than 2 Hours On The Greyhounds was using Gruss & The Staking Machine.

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