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Answer to Question 04-01-2022

question about greyhound racing

In reply to this question, yes I will also definetely look at the tipster tips.

When I choose a lay bet, I first look at the dogs with the lowest points. Looking at the image below this would be Trap 1, Trap 3, Trap 4.

Another criteria is that I do not lay dogs with more than 15 points.

Make sure that your selected lay bet is not picked by any tipster to finish in the first three places.

So this leaves us with Trap 1 and Trap 3 as our selected lay bets.

I now choose to lay dogs between the odds of 2.0 and 12.0 it was different before, but this is what works best for me.

If you are using BetBotPro (BBP) make sure your settings only allow you to place 1 bet per race. (example below)

A table displaying various basketball statistics for a player, highlighted by a yellow cell with the number "37" under the "3-Point FG" column, indicating three-point field goals made.
Screenshot of a betting app interface showing selections for an event with parameters like system name, bet type, market type, and other betting options.

17 thoughts on “Answer to Question 04-01-2022”

  1. Hi Chris, May I ask for your views on staking fixed amount (e.g. £2) versus fixed percentage (e.g. 1% of the bank) when backing and laying dogs? I am slightly inclined to fixed percentage but want to ask for your insights and experience. Many thanks!

    1. The safest staking method would be fixed staking. But, percentage of bank, gives a higher long term profit but with a higher risk of losing more.

  2. Thanks mate that’s helpful. Would you suggest the best time to start backing? Terrible strike rate with backing highlighted selection on 16 and 17 Jan. 17 Losses before the first win after 12pm and hitting my stop loss point :S

    1. Hello, It seems again that this afternoon’s tips again were more successful than the mornings. So it seems at the moment the afternoon tis are better. However, you can never acurately predict it. If the Racing Post, Sporting Life, Betfair are all tipping a dog to win and we give it maximum points, you would expect it to win, but of course it doesn’t work out like that. Have you checked out the Aussie dogs?, tips are quite accurate with them.

  3. Hi Chris,
    Have you counted how many lay back were actually successfully placed on average everyday day? To choose a dog that is (1) under 15 points, (2) not selected by any tipsters to finish as first 3, and (3) under the price of 12.0 seem to leave me not many races to place the lay bet. But still there’re occasions that my selection still lost.

    In another post you also mentioned that you’ll check the form of the dogs – whether there’s a drop in grade or not. I notice that sometimes a dog having very low points (under 5) and not tipped my any tipsters is having a very short price in the market. Is It usually a good chance to lay or a red flag that the market might get important information? Would you say we should also avoid those since there must be some information being circulated in the market?

    1. Hello, Finding the lays using this method, as you say does not leave that many to lay. But, out of the 3 tipsters, I think “The Racing Post” and “Betfair/Coral” are the most reliable. So when there are not to many selections to lay, you could also consider (1) Under 15 points, (2) Not selected by the tipsters “The Racing Post” and “Betfair/Coral” to finish as first 3, (3) Under the price of 12.0
      In the second part of your question. You are absolutely right, it throws up a red flag and is best left alone. But, you could also consider this as a potential back bet
      regards Chris.

      1. Cheers mate – that’s helpful.
        One more question – when there are 2-3 dogs under the score of that are not covered by all tipsters, how would you make your choice? Take Yarmouth 20:21 on 5 March 2022 as an example: all tipsters tipped Trap 1, 3, 4, and Trap 2, 5, 6 all have a score lower than 15. At the end, Trap 5 (which has the lowest BSP among Trap 2, 5, and 6) won. In situations like this, what should I rely on to choose the dog to lay? Should I avoid the option with the lowest price? Would you suggest looking at previous forms on Timeform or elsewhere for more information to make the decision? Would you mind sharing your insight/practice?Thanks

        1. Hello, In the race you mention here. There would not have been a lay bet placed because the odds would not have been between 2.0 and 12.0. But, yes it is a good idea to check previous form, fluctuation of odds, grade of race and anything else to help making a lay bet decision. thanks

  4. Right… Trap 5 (Moors Nightmare)of 20:21 Yarmouth on 5 March 2022 has a price between 7.0 to 8.0 five minutes before the start of the race at 20:16. I should probably only place the bet around 1-2 minutes before start time I guess…

    1. I usually place my lay bets a 60 seconds before the off, some choose 30 seconds. 5 minutes before the race off is to much before.
      Regards Chris

  5. Please could you help me have a look atthe betbotpro site. It seems to be down or something.

    Then again it would be nice to have some kind of primer on TSM. I have downloaded it and I’m super confused how to use it.

  6. Sorry to be a bother

    On the Lay% Up Down Staking plan settings page, there are 2 options that I can’t see to figure out.

    If Bet wins = -20.00
    If Bet Loses = 100

    What do these figures represent and why is the first one carrying a minus in front?

    Thanks again for tolerating me

    1. Hello, Those would be on the “Greyhound Lay Betting” settings. So if your lay bet selection wins this race then it would go into recovery. The program will calculate what your next betting stake would be.

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