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Betting Tips The Six Day Challenge To Make £30+ Profit A Day

The challenge is to use the greyhound betting tips to make a daily profit of at least £30 a day over six days. This was originally going to be over seven days but, coronavirus put a stop to that. I will be selecting the greyhounds directly off the website as of this guide.

Every morning between 3am and 5am the website gets updated with the latest greyhound betting tips. These are the best UK tips available from anywhere and include the days selections from, the Racing Post, Sporting Life, Betfair/Time-form and our very own unique greyhound points.

If you look at the image below, this is how the betting tips are laid out. The first section Central Park 11:01 shows that we have awarded the most points to trap number 3 with 24 points. Racing Post selects trap 1, Sporting Life selects trap 6, Betfair chooses trap 3. Because all of the tipsters do not choose the same trap number, then we have no match.

Now the next race Swindon 11:03 we have a clear match where all the tipsters chooses trap 4 and we have allocated the most points to trap 4 as well. This is a match and will be our first selection, we will back trap 4 to win.

In the next race down the list we have another clear match with trap 2. It has the most points awarded and all the tipsters agree on selecting this dog to win. We now have our second selection and again will be backed to win.

Profit For The Six Days Total £245.32

betting tips guide

I will be using the software BetBotPro to place my bets and will be using the staking plan “Custom Multiplier Stake”. It works like this; backs a dog to win at a £2 stake, if the dog wins it makes the next stake again at £2. If the dog loses then the stake increases £2 each time it loses, until we get another winner.

Now nothing is guaranteed but if we do have a losing sequence then eventually we should get a winner. Recently we have averaged a 44% win strike rate by using the selections as described above.

Betting Tips Day 1 - 18th March 2020

Betting Tips 2020-03-18

I got to a profit of £29.82 quite quickly today but instead of pushing it, I stopped short of the £30 target. Not too sure whether I like this staking plan yet but, will we will persevere. I have already found out that the tips from The Racing Post & Betfair/Timeform are more reliable than Sporting Life. The good things about backing the dogs to win with our betting tips is that we have plenty of races to choose from. Another bonus is that we can start using this staking plan without software if we want. You also do not need a massive starting bank as we can start with low stakes.

Betting Tips Day 2 - 19th March 2020

A screenshot of computer software displaying various numerical data in columns, with specific values highlighted in red circles for emphasis.

I just wanted to show why I place back bets much earlier before the off than I do for laying the dogs. In the settings, I have selected to place the bet 120 seconds before the off time. When we are laying the dogs this is set at 30 seconds before the race start time. Most punters place their bets just before the race starts and this, of course, has quite an impact on the starting odds. I have found we can get much better odds around 2 minutes before the start.

A screenshot of an online betting interface displaying a list of horse races, with specific races marked as "SUSPENDED" in red and others showing various race statuses and results.

Well, that took longer than expected to reach the profit target for the day. I changed the initial stakes to £4 instead of the normal £2 because I wanted to get to the target profit faster but, it didn’t work out as I planned. The big let down was in the 13:04 Sunderland where I backed Trap 5 Ryecroft Hugo to win. All the tipsters had tipped it and it had been awarded 33 points but, it went and lost.

Key Details

1. Have a set profit target in mind, stop when this is reached.

2. Set a stop loss, how much are you prepared to lose if things go wrong.

3. Racing Post, Sporting Life, and Betfair/Coral/Time-form tips are read from left to right

For instance, if a tipster picks 345 then it means they think Trap 3 will win, Trap 4 will be 2nd and Trap 5 will be 3rd.

4. If all 3 tipsters select the same trap number as their pick to win and we give it the most points. Then, this is considered a good betting tip and all the tipsters expect this dog to win.

5. Choose a time when you wish to place your back bet, I like to place my bets at 120 seconds before the start. This seems to be the best time to get the best starting odds.

Betting Tips Day 3 - 20th March 2020


Reached and exceeded the £30 profit target with a profit of £55.77 for the day. Took a bit of a risk with a stake of £16 going on the last race but, it came good. But, in just over an hour the betting tips from these leading tipsters plus our greyhound points again produced a good profit. Again though the best tipsters alongside our points were Racing Post & Betfair/Coral.

When compared to laying the dogs, backing the dogs to win, of course, carries some risk but the amount you can lose is a lot lower. So far after 3 days of testing, we have a profit of £122.86, we are averaging a £40 a day profit so far, not bad considering I was looking for £30 a day.

Betting Tips Day 4 - 21st March 2020

I was very happy with the results today and made a profit of £31.49 in about half an hour. Results went my way from the start so only had one recovery to make. With all this Coronavirus around I had started to show signs of getting it or the flu so I was happy to get a quick profit here.

I think sometimes if we have the two tipsters (Racing Post & Betfair/Coral) that choose the same tip, and we also have good maximum points from this selection, we can also consider it a good greyhound betting tip. What I would consider good maximum points would be 30 or above.


Betting Tips Day 5 - 22nd March 2020

Although it seemed like we were never going to get a winner I had a good feeling we would. As can be seen in the image above, this was the tips and points for this race. The Racing Post & Betfair had both picked it and we had awarded this dog 26 points. 

I knew this dog Swift Queeny from before though she is a good strong girl but likes to lead. Her form though can be erratic, it’s like she will lose a race, win a race, lose a race and win a race again. Very strange but in her race before this she had a slow start but a clear run and was expected to win but didn’t. 

I was banking on that she got her nose in from the start and she did. The profit of the day was £36.06 so I stopped there as my target for the day was met. 

Betting Tips Day 6 - 23rd March 2020

Day 6 now of the originally planned seven days (Coronavirus Stopped Play) resulted in another profit day. So over the course of this testing of the custom multiplier staking plan I was in profit every day. Most days I exceeded the planned £30 profit per day. This last day I managed to make a profit of £52.91 after the last bet came in. As can be seen I backed Trap 1 Hather Grace at odds of 5.70 as tipped by all the tipsters and it also had the highest points.


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