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Greyhound Abbreviations

At first, greyhound terminology may seem a little strange. In the context of greyhound racing, there are numerous abbreviations commonly used to denote various aspects related to the sport. Here are some of the most common ones. These abbreviations are often used in racing programs, race result sheets, and other related documents in the Greyhound racing industry.

Using abbreviations on a racecard in greyhound racing serves several purposes:

  1. Conciseness: Greyhound racing programs often contain a lot of information about each race, including details about the dogs, their past performances, the race conditions, and more. Abbreviations help condense this information into a more readable and manageable format.
  2. Efficiency: Racing programs are typically limited in space, especially when printed on physical paper. Abbreviations allow race organizers to fit more information onto the racecard without overwhelming the reader with excessive text.
  3. Clarity: Abbreviations provide a standardized way of presenting information, making it easier for experienced fans and participants in the sport to quickly understand and interpret the details of each race.
  4. Tradition: Over time, certain abbreviations have become widely recognized within the Greyhound racing community, creating a common language among enthusiasts and professionals involved in the sport.

Overall, using abbreviations on a racecard streamlines the presentation of information, making it easier for spectators, bettors, and participants to understand the key details of each race at a glance.

Greyhound Abbreviations List

Ante-post – a wager made on the result of a future occurrence.

BAGS – Bookmakers Afternoon Greyhound Service.

BEGS – Bookmakers Evening Greyhound Services.

Book: Each selection’s odds come together to form a “book” that the bookmaker creates.

Box – another name for “trap.”.

Forecast – Identifying the first two dogs to arrive home is the goal of the wager known as “forecast.”

Going – The official track handicapper determines the going speed of the track.

Grade – the level of race, determined by the ability of the dogs to run.

Jolly – another term for the favourite

Lay – to bet against something.

Odds – the prices of the runners.

Open race – the top division in greyhound racing, frequently indicated by the acronym OR.

Place – A six-dog race typically results in the first two dogs home running into a place.

Puppy – a greyhound younger than two years old.

Rag – the outsider in the race.

Tricast – a wager in which the gambler tries to determine which three dogs arrive home first.

Trap – the crates or boxes from which the dogs begin the race.

Trial – a race without betting with the goal of giving greyhounds experience, assisting the grader in evaluating new entries, or assisting those getting back in shape after a break from the track.

Tote – a particular kind of pool betting system run by the tracks to provide gamblers with an option other than using bookies.


A – Always

Aw – Away

Awk – Awkward

B – Badly

b – bitch

bd – brindle (colour)

be – blue (colour)

bk – black (colour)

Blk – Baulked (denied a clear run)

Bmp – Bumped

Bnd – Bend

Br – British Bred

Brk – Break

C – Co-Favourite

Calc – Calculated

Chl – Challenged

Clr – Clear

CmAg – Came Again

Crd – Crowded (insufficient space to spread out, maneuver, or follow the intended path)

d – dog

DH – Dead Heat

Dis – Distance

Disq – Disqualified

dk – dark (colour)

DNF – Did Not Finish

Drpd – Dropped

E – Early

EvCh – Every Chance

Ext – Extra

F – Favourite

f – fawn (colour)

Fd – Faded

Fight – Fought

Fin – Finished

FsHt – False Heat

Fr – From

Gr – Graded Race

H – Hurdles

Hcp – Handicap

Hd – Head

HndTm – Hand Timed

Imp – Impeded

Ir – Irish

J – Joint Favourite

Ja – January

Jn – June

Jy – July

Kil – Kilograms

Lck – Lacked

Lm – Lame

lt – light

Mid – Middle

N – Normal

Nk – neck

O/C – Off Colour

Outp – Outpaced

P – Pace

Q – Quick (Away, etc)

R – red (colour)

Rec – Record

ReRn – Re-Yun

Rls – Railed

RnIn – Run-In

RnUp – Run-Up

Rst – Rest

S – Stayers (Class)

Schl – Schooling

Scr – Scratch

SH – Short Head

SP – Starting Price

SP1 – Sectional Placings

Ssn – Season

SsnSup – Season Suppressed

S – Slow (Away, etc)

Styd – Stayed

STm – Split Time

Stb – Stumbled

T – Trial

Th’out – Throughout

TiT- Turned-In-Traps

Tk – Track

Tm – Time

Tp – Trap

Unatt – Unattached

Wtg – Waiting

w – white (colour)

(w) – Wide Runner

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