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Greyhound Backing Strategy

As some of you already know, I have been monitoring a new Greyhound backing strategy. 

I have been trialing this since the 19th December 2022. It has produced a profit every single day except for one day the 20th December when it only achieved a winning strike rate of only 16.2%.

Here are the winning strike rate percentages to date:

Winning Strike Rate

A daily profit of £30 has easily been made on every day, (while being trialled), except for that one day.

Each day the trial has begun from the first race up until 9pm, as long as I have all the data I needed. You don’t have to use betfair to place your bets and you don’t need software to place your bets, but it does make it easier.

Now this is “back betting” so the risks of losing lots of money like you can in “lay betting” is gone. You also don’t need a big starting bank, I would suggest £200 as your starting bank.

I would also advise you to set a daily profit target and when this is reached, stop for the day. In the 10 days this has been trialled it has hit the daily profit target of £30 on 9 days out of the 10. We all know that we are not going to win every single day of the year. But, if we can make a £270 profit every 10 days, then who can complain?

The Strategy

From our website we are going to need the greyhound tips from Racing Post and Betfair/Coral and our own greyhound points. We don’t need the tips from Sporting Life this time.

The image displays a spreadsheet with various rows and columns of numbers in different colors, focusing on data like trap points, results from different dates and names with highlighted cells in red, green, and blue.

Looking at the image above.

I have added the colours to make it easier to explain.

Reds are not a match, Greens are a match.

We have to have both Racing Post and Betfair/Coral to match their win prediction and also the points have to be the maximum allocated.

Perry Barr 19:16 Trap 3 has the maximum points. Trap 3 is selected by Racing Post but not by Betfair/Coral = No Bet

Hove 19:18 Both Racing Post and Betfair/Coral select Trap 4 but it does not have maximum points = No Bet

Monmore 19:24 there is no match at all = No Bet

Sunderland 19:26 Trap 3 is the greyhound tip and is tipped to win by both Racing Post and Betfair/Coral and it also has the maximum points = Matched Bet.

*Update 08th November 2023*

Nearly a year since I introduced the new Greyhound Backing Strategy and it is still proving to be profitable.

Yes, of course we have losing days, but overall we hit the profit target of £30 most days and on the winning days, it is possible to recover any previous losses.

Yesterday 08th November 2023 was a typical profitable day. (See Screenshot below)

Starting off with 2 winners which gave a profit of £10.65. Using the Fibonacci staking plan with an initial £3 stake which increases following a loss. (Example image attached). 

Then we had 4 losses and you can see that after each loss the amount we bet increases, we know that a winning bet is just around the corner. Sure enough then we have our winning bet and our profit increases.

You can see on the attached screenshot of the bets that were made and the sequence of how each greyhound tip was placed.

We would have stopped betting normally for the day when a £30 profit was reached and yesterday this was met at 19.44. However, if you had carried on until the last race you would have finished at £36.72 profit. When the profit target was met yesterday we had a winning strike rate of 33.3% 

The Racing Post, Sporting Life, Betfair averages between 24% to 26% winning strike rate. Our own greyhound tips average at about 28% winning strike rate.

This is where our greyhound racing tips strategy comes into its own, we match the best tips from Racing Post and Betfair combined with our own unique greyhound points to get the very best Dog  Racing Tips.

What does that mean?

If the Racing Post and Betfair both tip the same greyhound to win a greyhound race and we give it the most points then that greyhound is our tip to win. You will notice for instance; under Racing post tips there are numbers for example 246 the number on the left number 2 is their tip to win that race, they think number 4 will be second and they think number 6 will be third.

So both Racing Post and Betfair must both pick number 2 and we have to give it the maximum points, then if this happens, then that is our greyhound racing tip. 

Now we have made it even easier, because all of our greyhound tips are pre-selected. On the website we have an excel sheet that can be viewed online or downloaded. On the sheet all of the pre-selected greyhound daily tips are highlighted in green.

todays dog racing tips
Greyhound Results
best winning strike rate 2023

That’s now 10 huge profitable days out of 11. Testing and monitoring of this strategy is ongoing but it looks good so far.

Today is the 31st December 2022, so there are not many races and the last race is at 17:22. 

Tomorrow there are not that many races either. Will continue using this system into the new year properly from the 2nd January 2023.

The Staking Plan

greyhound staking plan

Looking at the image above.

This is using The Staking Machine (TSM) I like to use this software because it guides me into using the best staking plan for my greyhound bets.

This was from 28th December 2022 where we had a quite low winning strike rate of 37.5% for the day.

However, remember I am only looking for a £30 profit for the day.

I chose to use the staking plan “Fibonacci” but I could have used “Pro” or “Rolling Doubles”, in fact there were quite a few staking plans I could have used here.

You can see at the 22nd race, at 15:58, I would have stopped and took my £30 profit for the day.

These were the actual matched bets for this day, a possible 40 bets were found for this current session. It would have been possible to have made a back bet on each greyhound race, and finished the day with a profit of £50, but there is no guarantee it would have finished in profit. I prefer to choose a profit target and stick to it.

The way this Fibonacci staking plan worked on this day is; The first 4 bets lost, the first bet was for £2 so the software says the next bet will be £4. The next bet again increases to £6, still no win, but we know there is a win just around the corner. The next bet, our 4th bet increases to £10, still no win. But, our next bet now increases to £16. Then we have our winner and the Fibonacci staking plan, now resets and we now select our next greyhound tip and place a bet with a £2 stake.

This staking plan we were using a starting bank of £200 and the average win worked out at a win every 2.49 races.

greyhound tips uk

The next screenshot above is from the matched bets from the greyhound racing tips 29th Dec 2022. You can see we cashed out after the 20th race with a profit for the day of £32.29.

Pro Greyhound Tips
auto betting settings
A split-screen image comparing two software interface windows titled "System Settings," both displaying menus like Skating Plan, Selection Options, and Extra Scenarios with different settings visible.

If you are using BetBotPro (BBP) to place your bets for you, these are the settings I use. You can change these to suit yourself. On these settings you can see there is a stop/loss set at £50, but I have now increased mine.

As with all betting, you should only bet what you are prepared to lose. I know that there are going to be losing days, But, I hope the winning days will be more than sufficient to cover any losses.

I also know that the Racing Post and Betfair have an average winning strike rate of 26% and 25% with their greyhound tips. So this should mean they get 1 winner in every 4 races. But by being selective in our bets like this, and by using the greyhound points we have increased the average winning strike rate to over 40%.

We can see that on a losing run, we know that there is winner just around the corner. It just depends on how much you are prepared to spend on find this winner.

betting sheet
A screenshot displaying a list of horse racing entries showing columns for track conditions, distance, race status, if betting is suspended, and a list of horse names along with their jockey information.

In the images above, these are my bets for 16th January 2023, using BBP to place my bets. You can see on the first image I won my profit for the day on the Perry Barr race Trap 2 Jaxleg Eacram.

I decided to let the bets run and won £242.25, it went to quite a large stake but it just goes to show that there is that winner, just around the corner.

I am not suggesting you place such big bets. It is better to aim at smaller profits and build your bank.

127 thoughts on “Greyhound Backing Strategy”

  1. My greatest fear with greyhounds is that bizarre things happen.

    These days there seems to be a lot of weird interference from the dogs. Almost like the dogs are starting a rebellion.

    One minute the favorite is in the lead by a couple of decent lengths, next thing you know it turns around and starts fighting the others at the back and it drops down to the bottom.

    I dont know, I was paper trading today’s run and 6 No wins in a row? I dont know. That sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. That’s a huge draw down. Betwen wait times for results and confirmations.

    Will still test though

    1. You are right strange things do happen in greyhound racing. Last week there was a 25/1 long shot won and in another race an 18/1 winner, I can’t explain why these dogs won. But, on the other hand, we know a winner is just around the corner. The longest no wins in a row today was 5 and on the next race, it was quite a large stake. It was 28 races before I won my £30 for the day, but it was another £30 profit day. The winning percentage finished at 39.3%, quite a good strike rate again. I understand that this is not for everybody and I wish you well in whatever you do.

  2. You know what?

    I’m going to flip this strategy of yours.

    Instead of backing them to win, I will rather lay the place. Since they are favourites, the lay price is going to be lower than evens, thereby representing a good value bet for the lays.

    That’s what i’m going to do instead.

          1. D’oh, just realised the plan does not need Sporting Life. Sorry! Nice start though, up nearly £10 despite only getting on this evening.

            1. I stopped when I reached my £30 profit for the day, bu I have been keeping an eye on the results and right now, if I had carried on betting, I would have been £75 in profit so far today. Currently it is on a 50% winning strike rate.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Can you please clarify when you get RP and Betfair say tip trap 6, if that has the highest points then you back it?, or does it have to be over a certain points amount. If 20 points was the highest would you still pick that one?

      1. If RP and Betfair say tip trap 6 and it has the highest points, that is my selection. It does not matter about the amount of points, just that it has the highest. That is how I am selecting my bets.

        1. Morning Chris.
          I’ve noticed today that they are several selections that have joint highest points i.e. 2 dogs lets say are 22. Would you still class this as a bet as long as RP and Betfair have the same selection? Many thanks Paul.

          1. If the points are the same I miss this race. I have also added another download button with all the selections I use, already selected

    2. Unfortunately if you can’t start at the first race it doesn’t work I’ve had 3 losing days as I’ve had to start after the first few races

      1. Yesterday was a winning day if you had let the program run it would have made £57.30 profit. At one time in the afternoon there were 5 winners out of 6 races. The day before was a losing day.

        1. Hi

          2 Requests, please

          1. If it won’t be too much trouble for you, is it possible to capture odds at the off for both win and place? I would like to see how this performs in the place market, especially for dogs with place price above 1.5. I have been trying to do this manually but I keep missing the timings. Or better still if you know of a resource that can give that data please let me know

          2. This one is for Horse Racing. Do you have any suggestions on how to use the horse racing data?

          1. 1. When you use software such as Bet Bot Pro (BBP) you can set it to place the bet within just a few seconds before the off. Some races get delayed by quite a lot sometimes.

            2. Horse Racing is not my thing really, I just give the tips from the daily racing tipster experts.

      1. Up until today I have been placing the bets manually and trying to get the best odds. Today I am trying it with BetBotPro (BBP) and set to place bet 60 seconds before off time.

    3. Hi, I’m entering tips manually on BETBOTPRO. In the downloaded excel sheet, the dogs to play are highlighted with a green background, but I’m missing something. RacingPost and Betfair/Coral Scores are not highlighted and should therefore be interpreted. My question is: do both scores have to be higher than Sportinglife?

      1. No, for this system we don’t even look at Sporting Life. RacingPost and Betfair/Coral both have to pick the dog and it has to have the highest points. The highlighted green is your selection to back.

    4. Hi Chris, Very impressed with what I have seen re: the backing strategy. Firstly,
      could you tell me how many losing days has the strategy had since you began
      trialling it, and secondly, do you place all your bets in advance in BBP or, do you place
      bets manually near to race start? Many thanks.

      1. Hello Stefan, Since 19th December 2022 there have been 6 losing days. I am still placing my bets manually at the moment, although I did try with BBP for a couple of days. I seem to get better odds by watching the betting market.

    5. Hi Chris, that was some session nigh on 3hrs. but got there in the end. Thanks for
      the selections. Up £143.86 on my first week.

    6. Morning Chris. I see that there is a delay at Suffolk Downs. Would you still continue to place
      bets on this meeting or move to the first one at Oxford?

    7. Hi

      I have a lifetime membership to Bet Bot Pro…does it have the staking system required in that software?
      So if you use CSV file to enter the selections it will just stake according to what your first bet size is…then increase or decrease as required

      1. If you look at the strategy on this page, this staking is what I use and recommend using. It works well for this system and we are consistently in profit. There are losing days of course, but overall it is consistent.

    8. Hi Chris, had a look at this today and saw a run of 5 losses on the trot and also 4 losses on the trot. Is that a typical bad streak or have you had worse? Do you have all previous results archived somewhere so these daily results and strike rates can be reviewd?


      1. Hello, Yes it is normal to get 4 or 5 losses in a row, but when we get a winner it usually recovers the loss and gives you a good profit. Yesterday there were 4 losers in a row and we had £15 going on the next bet, this won and we ended up with a £65 profit. Today I won my £30 profit target after 10 races and the highest stake was £9 with a 60% win strike rate at end of that betting sequence. I don’t keep any archived records from this strategy but I post regularly with updates on my Facebook page at UK Dog Races There are of course losing days but this is where you use a stop/loss, so if you are losing a certain amount, you stop for the day. Regards Chris.

      1. Yesterday was a bad day. Today was a very good day. Over the last 10 days there have been 2 losing days. Today was a good day to help recover losses from yesterday.

    9. Hi Chris, after taking the £50 loss are you continuing or just leave it for next day and also after taking the loss you’re still using the same starting bank or the new lower bank? Thanks

          1. Not really being brave but it is the only way to make a consistent daily profit. This is why you should have a stop/loss in place (how much you are prepared to lose) and stick to it. Same as the profit, have a set target each day and stick to it. As long as stick to this, then you have a better chance of a long term profit.

    10. Hi Chris. Why is your starting bank always at £200? You take out your profits every day?
      Also could you tell me how many losing days you had since 19th dec 2022? Now it is nearly 3 months from the date you started so it could be a nice sample of bets.

      1. Hello Ron, My bank show’s £200 in the software “The Staking Machine” because this software is just used for demonstration purposes. TSM will help you by showing what your next stake should be when using any staking plan. I use BetBotPro now to place my bets, my bank is £2000 and I withdraw my profits each week. Since 19th December there have been 12 losing days.

    11. Hi Chris…how many unsettled bets do you allow…sometimes there are a lot of selections in consecutive races…do you throw all the bets in…or restrict it by having 0 unsettled bets. Cheers George

      1. Hello, Yesterday there were 5 consecutive losers and then we had our winner With Fibonacci it is set at 8 sequences within BBP. I think the best way is to choose a stop/loss rather than an amount of losing races, (how much you are prepared to lose). There will be losing days but on good days we can sometimes recover our losses.

    12. Chris, my apologise if I’ve missed it in the thread. Would you recommend restarting the Fibonacci sequence at the beginning of each day or is it better to continue from where the sequence left off for the previous day? Also, whilst I build the bank to a point where I’m happy to start drawing from it, would you say that a stake of 1% of bank was reasonable and stop at 15% profit, 40% loss? Thanks

      1. Yes, start fresh with Fibonacci each day. 1% of a bank to start would be ideal. You are correct 15% or stop at £30 profit for the day is a good starting point. Your stop/loss amount is your own preference, thanks Chris

        1. Hi Chris, Is there a way to upload your bet settings into my own BBP or do I need to set it all up manually the first time?

    13. Hi, I had a issue today where 1 was delayed in the 11.43 and the next race off at 11.46 was meant to be a back stake but it didnt place the bet (assuming as its waiting on delayed to go off first) – is there a way to combat this so the bet is placed on the next race incase of delays?

    14. Hi, I’ve run this in sim mode for the last 2 days and both days it hit the £30 profit by around 12:30 and stopped. Very impressive and I plan to switch to live mode tomorrow, I’m using the default £30 target with £50 stop loss to build the bank at first.

      Do you find you get more losing days with a £50 stop loss and that’s why you increased? One thing I’m thinking could happen is you hit a bad run early on, the £50 stop loss kicks in and then you take that as a losing day. However if you set it at £100, it will keep going a bit longer and because of the Fibonacci staking, you could hit a winner that makes it back and that day then becomes a winning day. Obviously you have twice as much at risk to lose, just thinking what’s best for the long term. The key to this though is the Fibonacci staking and it’s nice to see something that works.

      1. Your stop loss is your own personal preference, mine is set at higher than £50. On a losing run, we know eventually, there will be a winner it just depends on when this next winner will be. If you do get a losing day and are £50 down, it is possible to recover this loss the next day, and I have done this many times, thanks Chris

    15. Hi, I’ve found now that BBP won’t put any bets on because it thinks it’s reached the profit limit. It’s still got £32.18 profit from the other day and it won’t place any more bets the following days, so it seems to be stuck. Any idea why? BBP has been closed each day and opened, but it seems to be seeing the profit from days ago and won’t place any more bets because it thinks it’s reached the limit.

    16. Was yesterday a losing day for you? Mine went down to -£85 before it stopped, but that’s because the sequence put on a £39 bet that also lost (I think it was 7 losers in a row). Could tweak the sequence so it only does 5 cycles rather than 8, then if you get another loser after £24 it’s only a £3 loss. Takes a bit longer to hit the target, but it a losing day would probably be closer to the £50 limit.

      1. Hello, yes it was a losing day for me as well. It was going well until the evening races then we had the bad run. Hopefully today will be back to normal.

    17. I’m new here and I have a question about the stacking plan you use, the Fibonacci on the backing uk greyhounds.
      After a win do you reset to the start £3, or just 2 steps back?
      Which is the best for this system if starting at 33 bet and stopping at £30 profit.
      Many thanks

      1. After a win it resets back to your initial stake, as in this image I have tried a few staking plans with this strategy but Fibonacci works best for me.

    18. Just a quick one on when to stop, I’ve been doing this on paper for about 2 weeks now and obviously the number of losing days varies depending on where your loss limit is. My spreadsheet calculates each profit based on the BSP, so I hope this is as close as it gets to real life. The Fibonacci staking means that the losses will go over your limit though, so I think I’ll base the loss limit on the number of losing bets in a row. For example, 19th July would have had 7 in a row lose from the start of the day, so if I had a £150 loss limit set then it would have lost £159 for the day. To make it do the 8th bet (which won), it would have needed to put another £102 on to bring the total amount risked to £261. I think I’ll set it at £150 for now, that should allow 7 losses in a row before it stops and takes a loss for that day. Just one thing to bear in mind though with the losses, if you set a limit it will usually go over depending on where you are in the sequence. Really impressed with it on paper, with the £150 limit I’ve only had 2 losing days which were the 19th and today I think (today had a big losing streak at the start). So after those, I think it would be left with around £350 profit for the 2 weeks (haven’t got the BSPs for today yet, so can’t work out the actual loss for today). Also, if you have a £30 profit limit it can go over as well. Some days it’s gone to £50 or £100 profit, which again depends on where you are in the sequence when you hit the winner and what the odds are.

      1. A lot all depends on when you place your bets as well, but I have found that 60 seconds before the off works out quite well. Also on some of the winning days it is possible to recover some losses fro the losing days. Glad you are liking the greyhound tips though, thanks Chris.

    19. Hi Chris56, this is Keith80.

      I am on a 7 day trial, and I really hope I will be subscribing for longer.

      Can you suggest the stop/loss on a Fibonacci sequence of 8 bets, starting with a 10p. stake.

      Hopefully I will be acquitted when my trial ends.

      1. Hello, Betfair have a minimum stake of £2 but you might be able to find a bookmaker that takes lower stakes if placing the bets manually. Your staking plan would then be 10p, 20p, 30p, 50p, 80p, £1.30, £2.10, £3.70 that’s if you had a losing sequence of 8 bets in a row. Regards Chris.

    20. Chris,

      Thanks for the reply, but what loss figure would you use and what stop at a profit figure would you use based on 10p. stakes, which I can place on Betfair.
      £4 a day profit makes £100 at the end of the month which suits me.

      Incidentally Sheffield this evening is unavailable on Betfair.


      1. I think if that is the figures you have in mind, I would have a stop/loss of £3.70 a day. and look for a win profit of £4 a day and then stop.

      1. Hello,
        I am really sorry, I was in hospital all last night, just got out now.
        This is the first time I have not been able to update, but will be back to normal very soon.
        As compensation I will extend everybody’s membership for an extra day because of this.
        again I really sorry regards Chris

    21. Hope you are soon OK Chris, and take it steady.

      I have now subscribed after my trial.
      Please note that I am no expert in gambling, far from it.
      Just an observation.
      Because I don’t like betting each race manually, I placed the selections on a bot.
      Now the bot will place bets on every race or wait until the last result is through.
      On Thursday I split my bank in two.
      The bot that placed bets in every race hit my stop loss.
      The other bot won my profit for the day.
      As I stated, just an observation.


    22. Can’t access the tips. Have live subscription until 15th Sep but can’t get to them. Keeps going to the page to subscribe even though I’m logged in. Help please Chris 🙂 thanks

    23. Hello Chris56, now u stop green is £ 80 correct? however, what is your bank? and you enter with 1% of the initial stake? In the text you teach how to fetch £30, using a bankroll of £200, that would be 15% of the bank per day.

      1. Hi Chris,
        I’m still getting used to the BetBot pro software. Could you email me your exact settings for this exact strategy as I signed up for a monthly reoccurring subscription? I also back tested the strategy using the Sporting life website at the end of a few days using their odds. I’m not sure how accurate this is compares to the one minute to race time odds. During this, I found often found some winning streaks followed by many losing streaks, all of which hit my stop loss quite a few times over the last week. This involved hitting 50 pound stop loss starting with both 2 and 3 pound stakes as I often came across over 7 losers. Could you advise on what the best course of action would be to rectify that and what stake you recommend if I set a stop loss of 50 or 80 pound using either 2 or 3 pound stakes? Maybe your results this week and before that were far different to mine. I was using Fibbonachi staking.
        Many thanks!

        1. You can view the settings I used from this video on Youtube.The Sporting Life and Betfair odds vary quite a lot. You can use the greyhound racing tips we provide as they are or you can try different ways of selecting your own greyhound bets from our selections. This last week I was £90 in profit over the course of the 7 days. Some weeks it will be higher last week we had 6 winning days out of the 7, using the tips as they were. You can try only betting on dogs with certain odds criteria or only backing greyhounds with certain odds or different bookmakers, nothing is set in stone. I try different ideas all the time. I also use the Fibbonachi staking plan. thanks Chris

          1. Hi Chris that’s brilliant and thanks so much! Based on the 6 out of 7 winning days was that with a 2 pound starting stake and a stop loss of 50 pounds or based on the exact settings mentioned in the video for those 6 out of 7 days? Many thanks again.

        1. This last month I have been getting about 2 losing days every week. But, on the profitable days it is possible to recover any losses. Yesterday was a profit day after a very poor start. Friday was an evcellent day, Thursday good, Wednesday good. My greyhound selections are only as a guide, people can select them or use their own strategy using my greyhound tips or greyhound points. thanks.

      2. I win more laying the backing selections than i do backing them, profitable days backing them are few and far between always hit my stop loss, but laying them is a winner every day for me

      3. this may be a better strat, my current lay strat is a lot of work for little reward i did over 32 races yesterday to make £3 profit as i kept falling behind with poor odds and weird dogs winning

      4. yeah i think it needs one, all the faves today as per the above plan 8 in a row lost at which point he bets start to get a bit risky

      5. yeah things went wrong today.. major loss streak

        3,6,9,15,24,39,63,102, empty.

        total -239 , the win never came

        Advice on stop loss would be good maybe win 30 a day or lose 30 a day

      6. Hi Chris
        Do you use both systems…set up 2 instances of betbotpro…one for laying and one for backing. If so, do you not lay on races that are on the backing set up.
        Cheers George

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