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Greyhound Racing Tips

We provide greyhound racing tips for every race each day for all our members from all racing in Britain, Ireland and now Australia. Our unique tried and tested lay points system analyses every greyhound that is racing on every given day.

There are now 21 licensed greyhound tracks in the UK and 18 tracks in Ireland.

Greyhound Racing Tracks United Kingdom

Belle Vue Stadium, Manchester

Brighton and Hove Stadium, Brighton and Hove

Central Park Stadium, Sittingbourne

Crayford Stadium, London

Doncaster Stadium, Doncaster

Harlow Stadium, Harlow

Henlow Stadium, Stondon

Kinsley Stadium, Kinsley

Monmore Green Stadium, Wolverhampton

Newcastle Stadium, Newcastle upon Tyne

Nottingham Stadium, Nottingham

Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield

Pelaw Grange, Chester-le-Street

Perry Barr Stadium, Birmingham

Peterborough Stadium, Peterborough

Poole Stadium, Poole

Romford Stadium, London

Shawfield Stadium, Shawfield

Sunderland Stadium, Sunderland

Swindon Stadium, Swindon

Yarmouth Stadium, Great Yarmouth

Greyhound Racing Tracks Ireland

Clonmel (Private)

Cork (IGB)

Derry (N Ireland)

Drumbo Park (N Ireland)

Dundalk (Private)

Enniscorthy (Private)

Galway (IGB)

Kilkenny (Private)

Lifford (Private)

Limerick (IGB)

Longford (Private)

Mullingar (IGB)

Newbridge (IGB)

Shelbourne Park (IGB)

Thurles (Private)

Tralee (IGB)

Waterford (IGB)

Youghal (IGB)

Our greyhound racing tips cover all the tips from these tracks on race days. We don’t just cover the large races, we give tips for greyhounds in every race.

Our unique points system is an easy to read format, the larger the points amount the more chance this dog has of winning. As an example look at the image below, this is a screenshot of a genuine prediction that was on this website.

greyhound tips every day

Notice the red highlighted numbers, all are above 15 points. These are considered the better greyhound tips and the higher this number, the better the dog’s chances of winning. As can be seen in the race “Henlow 8:27 Trap 6” was given “41 points” by our system. Even though the dog was bumped in the race, it came back to win making it a perfect greyhound racing tip.

But, this is how our points system finds tips for greyhound racing every day. Every day of the year apart from Christmas Day, we analyse every single greyhound racing in every single race. On a Saturday, the busiest day for dog racing in the UK, we can analyse up to 400 races. This equates to 2400 greyhounds that will have been analysed on that that alone. Basically this would give 400 greyhound racing tips on just a Saturday.

We also provide our unique points system for all the Australian greyhound racing as well now. Most people who use the points strategy we have, use it for laying dogs and this is how I use the selections. So what we look for a 2 or 3 trap/box numbers with the lowest points, this betting system is explained in more detail One Week’s Testing Of Greyhound Lays

Of course we all know that there is no perfect way to tipping greyhounds to win, nobody can give a 100% strike rate. We can find the perfect tip, it could be tipped to win by everybody, there is no way it can lose. Then of course, it loses, sometimes there is no excuse and sometimes there is bumping and interference in the race. This is why we get the long shot winners, the 8/1s and 12/1s, they take advantage of the in race problems and sometimes go onto win.

Part of our strategy now with our greyhound racing tips predictions is to try and find those dog’s that often find trouble. The one’s who always seem to find bother in racing and the one’s that don’t. It has been noted with our data collection that the natural wide racing greyhounds seem to avoid in race interference more than others.

Then another thing we cannot account for is when we have a slow trap exit. Many dogs that take an early lead will go onto win, they get their head in front and avoid trouble. This is another important factor we take into account with our greyhound racing tips.

I think though, the most important factor to take note of is the racing odds before the race starts. But, when we compile our daily greyhound tips we cannot foresee this and cannot judge how the betting will go. What we can do though, is to take note of previous racing odds. If for instance a racing dog had odds of say, 6/4 and was favourite in its last race, there is a reason for this. Why was he/she backed to such short odds and made favourite to win. It must have been fancied in this last race so why not now?

Perhaps my most favoured way to find greyhound racing tips has to be when a dog has been storming up the grades. They are easy to spot as well, just by looking at the grades of he or she’s previous races.

As an example look at this pattern of this dog

Shortwex Lexi was racing in grade 8 and was winning nothing then all of a sudden started to win.

Grade 8 was backed to favourite for no apparent reason and won.

Grade 7 made favourite and won by 3 lengths

Grade 6 won by 3 lengths

Grade 5 won by 2 lengths

Another pattern to follow is when a greyhound had been running in say grade 2 and was winning often, then was moved to better company in grade 1. Grade 1 did not suit this dog at all so she was placed back to grade 2 and started winning again.

Sometimes we can get dogs that are dropped 2 grades, again watch out for these.

You can find out more about my greyhound racing tips at my Youtube Channel where I often post new videos.

Or On my Facebook Page which is quite active

and my book Greyhound Betting Systems That Win on Amazon.

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