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Greyhound Racing Today

Every morning I will be giving unique lay points for all Greyhound racing today from Australia, Great Britain, and Ireland. I have been providing this unique points system here in the UK for quite a while now with great success. My 2nd book Greyhound Betting Systems That Win was released about the same time as this website.

I collect a huge amount of greyhound data and statistics which includes. Breeding, previous race odds, speed, weight, how a greyhound runs in previous races, seasons, going and much more. A statistic we are focusing more on now is if a dog finds in race trouble. But, there is a massive amount of information that is analyzed by our software before points are allocated. 

There are a huge number of greyhound races each day, that we cover. Today at the time of writing this there have been 6,034 dogs that have been analyzed in great detail by our software. But, this is not just today, we cover every greyhound in every race each day, 7 days a week.

Lay points will be allocated to every Greyhound racing today from Australia. With our lay points, we are looking for the greyhounds with the lowest points. Very much similar to our other guide One Week’s Testing Of Greyhound Lays but with some variations.

greyhound racing today australia

As you can see in the image above Trap 5 was allocated 44 points, Trap 1 was allocated 23 points, Trap 8 was allocated 19 points. Trap 5 went on to win comfortably, it was expected that trap 1 would finish 2nd but careered and was not placed.

The dogs we were interested in though, for our lay bets, would have been. Trap 2 with 5 points, trap 4 with 7 points and trap 7 with 2 points. The traps/boxes with 0 points had no dogs in them.

(Sometimes a dog can have 0 points, so watch out for this.)

After experimenting with the points for the Australia greyhounds, I have found it is better to look at laying the dogs, only with less than 12 points. 

To make it easier any greyhound with points above 12 will be highlighted in red a shown in the image below.

Aus Points System

Greyhound racing today covers a lot of races so we can be very selective with our lay bets. For instance, if we have a lot of dogs in a race with quite close points, for instance. Trap 1 = 15, Trap 2 = 16, Trap 3 =17 then we have trap 4 = 12, trap 5 = 11, trap 6 = 10. Then we might want to leave this race alone.

I like to find the races where we have two or three dogs with quite high points. As the race in the above image, those are the ideal races for us to lay dogs.

Recommended Software

In my opinion, BetBotPro is the best bot for laying the greyhounds. You can make your selections at the start of the day and let the bot run. As long as you have your settings correct, the bot will move sequentially through your selections. As each race becomes live, it will lay bets, if all the conditions are met, automatically.

Gruss software combined with The Staking Machine is also extremely good software. The problem is though that you have to have both pieces of software running at the same time. However, when I was using these two I had no problems whatsoever, in fact, they ran flawlessly. The rolling doubles strategy was my favorite with this combination and I have made quite a lot of money with this system. In fact, my most popular Youtube videos How To Win £40 Profit In Less Than 2 Hours On The Greyhounds was using Gruss & The Staking Machine.

39 thoughts on “Greyhound Racing Today”

  1. Hello Chris. I’m about to sign up for the 7 day trial for GH racing but have a few questions. When are hound selection made available and do you have to implement a recovery system? Personally speaking, I don’t particularly like using them! Thanks.

    1. Hello, The website is updated with the greyhound points between 3.30 am and 5 am every morning. Sometimes the Australian points will be updated twice in the morning and then, later on, this is because of our time difference. With regard to the recovery system, I always use one, currently set at 25% recovery. It is up to you but, you will need some form of recovery as you can guarantee there will be some lay bets that don’t go in our favor.

        1. I keep the membership costs very low and have not increased membership fees for 8 years.
          It would not be fair on other paying members and how are you going to afford to place your bets if you can’t afford the membership fee’s?

    2. Hi Chris, i have bought a month subscription yesterday,account says pending, please can you action this, so i can use the tips today please, i have also sent a email, thanks mate,

      1. Hello, It said pending here as well. It has been sorted out now and your account is active. Email sent as well, thanks Chris

  2. Hello Chris. I signed up for a 7 day trial yesterday, today is my first attempt at the Australian market, I am checking today’s Aussie tips and I seem to be seeing yesterdays points? When are today’s available?

    1. Hello, You should be able to see the new points now, they are fully updated this morning. The website gets updated with the Australian points/tips between 3 am and 5 am each morning UK time. Most days though the Australian points may be updated again during the day. If you cannot see the latest points, you may have to clear your cache and delete cookies hope this helps.

  3. Hello Chris, I am BBP and Betfair user and I cannot relate to you Aussie markets, I will just stick with UK and Ire.

    1. Hello Gerald, The Australian greyhound racing tips points were added as an extra service. I have quite a few Aussie members so they were added for them really. We have plenty of races in the UK for us anyway. Regards Chris

      1. Hello Chris, yes I think for those of us in the UK that the UK greyhound market is the best market to focus on.
        Thank you for the excellent service you are providing us.
        Thanks. Regards Gerald

  4. Hello Chris
    I currently have a monthly subscription from Wed 18/03/20. As the uk dogs are not present at this time could you kindly cancel my subscription. I will then resubscribe when greyhound racing is back in full force again. Thanks.
    Regards Gerald

    1. Hello Gerald, What I have done instead is to adjust your expiry date.
      Your membership was set to renew on 18th April and I have added 3 weeks on. Your new expiry date now will be 9th May 2020. Hopefully, after the 3 weeks shut down we should be up and running fully by then. You can, of course, cancel your subscription at any time yourself through Paypal or Stripe. I hope this helps regards Chris.

      1. Hello Chris.
        That is good, yes hopefully in that time it will back, thank you. I appreciate your help and support.
        Regards Gerald

  5. Hello Chris
    Just to follow up, on my account the expiry is still showing April 18, 2020. I have decided to cancel my subscription and I will renew when the Greyhound racing does come back. Can you please cancel this for me, I paid via debit card and have not gone through Str1pe or Paypal.
    Regards Gerald

    1. Hello, Yes, I have checked and it was set to renew on 9th May. I have made sure now that your membership will expire on the 9th May thanks.

  6. Hi I am new to your website and just joined and took one week subscription of $5 but 9.28 was deducted from my account, can you please check and explain how to use your points system to lay the dogs manually.


    1. I have just checked and your Stripe payment says £5. Manually laying the dogs I do not do, but you would lay in the same way as the software would do it.

      1. Hi thanks
        Yeah I think I paid in australian dollars thats why it may be $9.28. Well I started and just lost first two races by laying with the shortest points and now I am bit scared, can you guide please.

        1. It is not just looking for the lowest points. It is best to select 2 or 3 dogs with low points. Then get the odds to match. You also have to be selective with your races. With Australian dogs, you would be looking to lay dogs in races, where 1 or 2 dogs have very high points. Also if they are tipped to win those are the races to find you lay bets. You also need as many dogs in a race as possible.

    1. Hello, We did have some problems but have now changed our server with AWS Amazon hosting. You may like to try again or if you still have problems, you could try joining through Stripe. Regards Chris.

  7. Hello Chris,
    where do I find tips for today on my dashboard? At the moment my dash board is empty.
    I just got access some 30min ago. cheers alias Shulam

    1. Hello,
      Sometimes it can be only 15 races all being well, sometimes it can be up to 30. It depends how much you try to win each day and the amount of your stake on each race. If your profit target it £20 each day and you are using £2 stakes, it can be 10 races, all being well.

  8. Just tried to sign up, it appears I had signed up nearly 3 years ago. which I had forgotten about.
    Unable to find my old password so I requested a new one.
    The link on the email I received to reset password did not work.
    I suspect my sign up has not worked either, so a bit lost now as what to do.
    I do appear to be signed in here though somehow?

  9. Hi Chris,

    Had your points for the about the 3rd time this week, over the the last couple of years. This week made over £60.00p, manually laying, and only using £2 stakes, but with quite a lot more knowledge about Greyhound laying these days.. I’ll be looking at purchasing Betbotpro in the new year, to take my laying to the next level. I’ve learned so much this week, especially for you and your members, who when looking at laying at Romford, should look at the split times, as very few Greyhounds who don’t lead over 400m tend to have very little chance of winning.. Your points allocations are superb. Keep up the good work Chris… Many thanks, Steve Ball…

  10. Hi Chris, liked the look of the site and used for about a week but cancelled the subscription as I just couldn’t get anywhere near the results expected with a lot of losses.

    1. ok no problem, sorry it didn’t work out for you. Like I say there will be losing days, but the weekend was really good for us. recoverd all previous loses and made a good profit.

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