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Greyhound Tips Finding The Big Odds Winners

Yesterday we saw a 20/1 rank outsider easily win a D4 race but, to be honest it was not much of a shock. In greyhound racing we often see long odds winners but how can we spot them?

I posted a video on Youtube 7 years ago Greyhound Betting Systems That Win that had 53,000 views. It basically narrowed down the selection process to find greyhound winners. I use different ways of finding my greyhound laying tips but, the following can find some hidden gems with long priced winners. 

Greyhound racing odds

Let’s take a look at this 20/1 winner and try to analyse why it won. The image below shows the race card for this race and the comments about this greyhound tip said “Chunky odds forecast, claims as clear as mud!” But, why so chunky odds? It won last time out. The favourite in this race was going to be Stophers Noel. The grade of this race was D4 – 277m.

A very good guide to Racecard Abbreviations can be seen on Towcester races website.

dog race card

Analysing Greyhound Form

If we look at each of these greyhounds last races (recent form image above) we can see

Trap 1 Geneva Jordy was in another grade D4 the race was quite fast for a D4 at 16:97. Geneva Jordy had a clear run and was in the middle pack but could only manage 3rd place and losing by 2¾, previous to that he still struggled finishing only 4th in not such a good race.

Franco George in trap 2 had previously been struggling in grade A7, so we have no previous D4 races to judge him on. He had though struggled in this A7 company finishing 4th last time out and before that finishing last. It seems they were going to try him in a shorter distance D4 race this time.

Stophers Noel next in trap 3 had been doing quite well in recent previous races and had started with some quite long odds. We can also see in its last race he was Forced to check to avoid running into another dog (Fcd-Ck).So on the initial Greyhound form analysis we can see why this dog was favourite.

Hollyoak Dexter trap 4 had won his last race in D5 company even though he had been crowded (Crd). We can see in previous races that this dog likes to be running in the middle of the pack but, is often starting from a wide position in trap 5. In this race the dog was going to be starting from trap 4. In its last race he had been crowded but still managed to lead and go onto win the race by 1½.

What’s Up Carmel trap 5 has been really struggling in previous recent races these races have also been quite slow and does not appear to be running at the same sort of speeds as his opponents here. Her last race saw her finishing in 5th place and losing by a mighty 6½ lengths.

Glasheen Gold in trap 6 we can see is usually quick away but struggles when being crowded by other greyhounds during racing. You can see she likes running from trap 6 but has problems when coming into the pack during racing. Was 6 lengths away back in 3rd place last time out after being crowded at the 1st. I think this dog is perhaps D5 class and no more. 

A table displaying race track betting data with six rows for traps numbered 1 to 6, and columns for odds, call times, BRT, selection, and actual winners. Cells are color-coded to show performance.

In this next image above you can see a quick way to analyse a greyhound race. I first described it in my book and also put it on Youtube many years ago. It still works and is a good way of finding those long priced winners.

Using Google sheets, enter the trap numbers in a column down the left, enter the odds for each dog in the next column. Calculated time last race, BRT in there own columns. Next a selection column, this is where we enter our selections and of course the column where the actual winner of the race is entered.

It is self-explanatory really as we can see in the image we have entered the starting odds of each dog in its last greyhound race. The Cal time of the dogs last race is also entered. Best race time (BRT) this you choose from the greyhounds last 5 races. 

  1. Highlight in red the three longest odds
  2. Highlight in red again the three highest Cal times
  3. Highlight in red the slowest times except one, the fastest time.

The remaining boxes highlight in green.

In this race I chose trap 1 giving more weight, so to speak with this dog because of the calculated time and it has two green boxes. Trap 4 good easily have been the selection here, having two green boxes and had the best BRT.

There are long odds winners in greyhound races everyday and it is possible to find them, you just have to analyse the races. You will never see greyhound tips with long odds because nobody has the time to find them.

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