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One Week’s Testing Of Greyhound Lays

£297.77 To £667.78 In Seven Days

This is for a full weeks testing of my Greyhound tips and points and using BetBotPro

In fact I had started a couple of days ago with £200 but the virtual money I am using says £297.77 now. I am using virtual money here, because I have my real money actually laying live on my laptop right now. My account is private, so for this demo I will use virtual money. I am trying to win a daily profit of £50 using £4 stakes.

I am using my greyhound tips – points as they appear on my website each morning, these are the exact points that members would have been using. I can supply proof of these points if anybody wants to see them.

Laying dogs is placing a bet in the hope that this greyhound loses that race, I do not want my selection to win. I do not like to lay greyhounds when there are only five runners, and I do not lay dog’s when there are reserve’s running. 


In this seven day test, I am hoping to win £50 a day or £350 a week but things can go wrong. In the settings I have the software to stop, when a win profit for the day reaches £50 or a loss of £100 a day is matched. It is very rare that I could get three losing days in a week but it could happen. If this did happen then my win profit for the week would only be £50. I could quite easily get one losing day in a week and of course if that happened, then I would only win £250 in that week.

It is best to look at laying greyhounds on a long term basis. I would advise starting small and build a bank, even winning £10 a day would give £280 after the first month, £20 a day would give us £560 a month. I have written a full guide on how to lay greyhounds here Laying Greyhounds

Day 1 Testing Greyhound Tips Lays 1st May 2019

7 days greyhound lays

As can be seen in the image above the date says 01st May 2019. This is in the morning and I have made all of my selections, the software is running. You will see in this first race I have selected two greyhounds trap 3 and trap 4. As the software kicks in 60 seconds before the start of the race it will look for a matched lay bet. I have set my criteria in the settings to only lay a dog if it’s odds are between 2.0 and 8.0. It will also only lay one dog per race. 

testing laying greyhounds

Now we are just into early afternoon and you can see in the image above, the virtual wallet now says £347.45, so the win/profit of £50 has been matched and the software has stopped.

Day 2 Testing Greyhound Points Lays 2nd May 2019

greyhound lay bets testing

As can be seen in the image above I had three bets that went astray but these recovered quite well. The virtual wallet has now increased to £397.91 so all is well. 

I am using £4 stakes but £2 stakes can be used, it also deducts 20p off each lay bet because of Betfair’s commission. I reached my win/profit this morning after 17 races.

Day 3 Testing Greyhound Points System Lays 3rd May 2019

Testing Laying The Dogs

The virtual wallet has now increased to £451.11. Still keep getting these odd winners but the recovery software using BetBotPro is working well and the loss was recovered after 4 lays, as set in the settings. So far everything is going to plan with my greyhound tips points system and I have a profit of £153.34 after three days.

Day 4 Testing Greyhound Tips Lays 4th May 2019

Day 5 Greyhound Lays Testing

At the end of the fourth day of testing demonstration I have now increased the bank to £508.11. I had things to do today so had to wait until the afternoon before starting today’s greyhound lays. Being that it was a Saturday, it meant there were plenty of races to choose from, over 400.

As can be seen above I have included a Youtube video this time to show how the lays were going live. After 4 days I now have a profit of £210.34 and it only took 15 races 1 hour and 40 minutes to get to this profit using £4 stakes. 

Day 5 Testing Greyhound Tips Lays 5th May 2019

Testing of greyhound lays Day 6

Now at the end of the fifth day of testing my greyhound tips and points and BetBotPro. The bank has now increased to £561.22. It took 16 races to reach the win target today with just one result not going according to plan. As can be seen in the image above, no lay bets were made on the races 11:34, 11:39 and 11:42 this was because the odds were out of the set range.

Day 6 Testing Greyhound Tips Lays 6th May 2019

Lay Betting Day 7

Today was a little more difficult than it should have been to reach the £50 win profit for the day. I have my settings set to stop if I was losing £150 and another losing bet after the loss of £36.12 would have stopped the software. So instead of the £614.62 total it would have been £150 less, I would have still been in profit for the week, but only about £260.

Over the course of a week though we should always be able to show a profit but, having losing days will happen, we have to accept that.  

Day 7 Last Day Of Testing Greyhound Lays 7th May 2019

Laying Greyhounds Tips

Day 7 and the last day of testing BetBotPro with my greyhound tips and points. Again I had 3 lay bets that went unexpectedly wrong and had to be recovered. There were some quite large bets being placed to recover the loss and this is where it puts some people off. One lay bet that was being placed was over £80 just to win £4 but that is lay betting.

However, I did get a profit everyday and I hope this has shown you what can be achieved with lay betting the greyhounds. 

189 thoughts on “One Week’s Testing Of Greyhound Lays”

  1. Hi Chris do you load up your selections into betbotpro with an excel .csv file? If so do you have a sample? My email is dougkbkai @ . Enjoying the results form the ratings so far. Would recommend.

  2. Hi Chris, I would also appreciate any info about loading up selections into BetbotPro each day. What are the recommended settings, etc ?
    Cheers, Gavin.

  3. Hi Chris. I’m already a user of The Bet Engine. Would the same .csv file apply? I’m very keen to adopt this approach, just don’t have the physical time to go through race by race and tick the relevant boxes for an entire day. Many thanks

    1. Sorry never used The Bet Engine and always enter my lays manually.
      I like to be better protected. Sometimes there may be a replacement running or odds fluctuate too much etc.
      So I have never used .csv file.

  4. Hi Chris, Just signed up for a week and so far impressed with today’s results, already using Betbot with other settings, do you have a copy of yours available to import and can i ask What time do you have your points sheet up?? Cheers

  5. Hi Chris,
    Pleased to see you are up and running again-well done.
    I signed up for one week,which has ended now,(I had the full week)but I can still access the points system!,(I’m honest).
    I am going to sign up for another week again,as I have not used the info on my BetbetPro software yet.
    I see some users have requested your settings for Betbotpro,would it please be possible for me to have a copy as well,as I want to be sure that I have everything set up correctly.
    Is it really possible to make £50 per day,(with the odd losing day),I would be more than happy with less than that,perhaps I should sign up for the monthly subscription and done with it!.
    Best regards,

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the access should be sorted now.
      Yes, it is possible to make £50 a day with the odd losing day, I do this every day myself as do other members on here.
      Some members look to only make £20 a day but, yes it is true.

  6. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for reply.
    You didn’t mention about the copy of the settings for BetbotPro.
    Would be most grateful if I could have a copy please.
    I have purchased a weeks subscription.
    Many thanks,

  7. Hi Chris, I signed up for a weeks subsrciption to your servive and I’m really pleased with the results after 5 days! over £150 profit from using your points system as a guide for my lay selections. Thanks alot and I’ll be signing up for a monthly subscription once this one ends. I’m keen to try the automated betting for when im sleeping during the day as I work nights so have just downloded Betbotpro. Please can you send me the settings you use for this and also some info on how to load up the selections as I’ve never used an automated betting system before.
    Thanks again!


    1. Hello, Glad you have been in profit straight away. BetBotPro is an excellent software and you can run it in simulation mode to get used to it first if you wish. I have sent the settings to your email address, thanks Chris.

  8. Hi Chris. Could you possibly email the settings for BetBot Pro. I think I’ve got the settings correct would b great to check.
    Many thanks

  9. yes read it thanks , what’s your bank now , i suppose liquidity on the greyhounds is a problem , might just try one day for now

    1. I always think the best way is to try it for a day or week and try it in simulation mode with BetBotPro. You can also get a free trial with the software as well. I maintain my bank now by leaving £2000 in the account and I withdraw any profits from the week.

  10. wouldn’t be happy using the recover method using the bot myself but might still look at your pts system ratings sometime , thanks for all your help today

  11. Hello,

    tried config betbotpro but I was unable to find manual trap selection option. Please send settings to my address. Thank you 😉

  12. Hi Chris.
    I just subscribed. I’m keen on trying out BetBotPro, any chance I could get the settings that you use.

  13. Hi can not find betbot pro settings.
    yesterday on romford it was raining .
    Grey hounds had a lot of problems.
    What courses have indoor competitions?
    Have a nice grey weekend wihout rain……

  14. hi i seen you have added australian greyhound lays but there is no exchange to lay them? there is only uk markets on betfair and betdaq

    1. Hello David, I get a lot of inquiries from Australia with regard to the Greyhound Points and that is why I decided to supply Aus points as well. I also have members from Australia who lay dogs in the UK market. Yes you can open an account at BetfairAU Help legally. Although you will require a VPN to block out UK connection with BetBotPro. I hope this helps regards, Chris.

      1. hi chris thanks for reply can i use my current uk betfair account on betbotpro with a vpn to lay aussie dogs? Or do i have to register specifically an australian betfair account


        1. Hello David, I am getting mixed answers when researching this. But, I have found it says “you no longer need to transfer money to an Australian Betfair wallet just use your normal UK account”. I have messaged Betfair now and waiting for some replies, will get back to you when I find out more, Regards Chris.

    1. This is the reply I had from Betfair “I’m afraid not sorry, you will not be able to place bets on the Australian market and you won’t be able to open an Australian account unless you’re living in Australia and can comply with their KYC process.” However, I do have members from various other countries using a VPN and they place bets and lay bets on the UK dogs.

  15. Hi Chris, just signed up for a week and trying to set up BetBotPro but am struggling a bit to find the correct settings. I wonder if you could let me have your settings? Thanks, Rob.

  16. Hi Chris,
    I started to trade greyhounds a week ago. I had been using betbot pro before I found your page. It looks quite interesting. I’ll sign up today later on.
    Could you tell me two things please. I’ve been using £20 stakes in the simulation mode and £3 in the live mode. Those simulation were taken but in the live mode weren’t despite they were much lower? What’s the max lay stake I can use on greyhounds? And why live ones weren’t taken? I had the same settings. Thanks a lot

    1. Hello Martin, I don’t think there is a maximum. As long as someone is backing it to win, on the exchange, it will be available to lay. The settings have to 100% match before it can place a lay bet. Maybe in this situation, if all your settings were matched, perhaps there may not have been enough back bets made?

      1. Hi Chris, thank you for your reply. I did two trials yesterday again and same thing. £3 bet wasn’t taken and £6 was. £3 was unmatched. All the settings fire up 60 sec before.
        I don’t have time to sign up to your service. I’ll try to do it over weekend. Do I have to place all the selection manually or there is any way to automate it?
        Also is it safe to put all the personal details on your website? Thanks

        1. Hello Martin, It sometimes does happen that bets are not taken for many different reasons. I enter all my selections each morning and let BBP run placing the lay bets automatically but I do keep an eye on it. If a greyhound drops out or a reserve is used I scratch the bet. I also keep an eye on the odds in case a lot of money comes in for any dog. Entering your details on my website is very safe and I have the SSL certificate through Amazon AWS. Betfair is safe and BBP is just a middle man software a link between you and Betfair.

  17. Good morning Chris, I have recently subscribed to BetBotPro and would be most grateful for a copy of your settings. From this page the only details I can see regarding your selection method are 1) you only lay between the lay prices of 2.0 and 8.0 and 2) you place your bets 60 seconds before race time. May I ask what other filters you apply before a selection qualifies ie race grade etc.
    Graham Raine

    1. Hello Graham, You can get the settings I used from this link Google Drive and can adjust these to suit yourself. There is also a new Youtube video that has been made today. This again has slightly different settings with odds between 2.0 and 12.0, hope this helps.

  18. Hi Chris,

    I am considering to purchase a month subscription to try out your laying system. Is it still possible to make those profits with the system?
    If my daily target will be £20 or £30 of profit then how much should be the stop loss? And what size of bank I will need on Betfair to be comfortable if I want to start to earn those profits?
    Also could you tell me how many losing days you have roughly in one month when you reach your stop loss of £150(as I read in your post)? I mean just a rough average.

    Thanks a lot

    1. Hello, I think it is better to join as a member for 1 day or 7 days and get a free trial with BetBotPro and try it first. You can then run the software in Simulation mode first and see how you get on. In the month just gone January, I had 4 losing days. Trouble is with Greyhound racing, as I am sure you understand, nothing is guaranteed. I had a message from another person who was trialing the system just the other day, here is what they wrote “Hi Chris. Still having BBP issues but I’m having great results with your lay bets, so we’ll done mate. BTW, you can drop your stakes right down, ran mine at 20p and Betfair took it. Worth knowing for testing purposes” Regards Chris

  19. Alright Chris I understand this but “nothing is guaranteed” applies for all sports I think. Okey I will try it out for one week and see but how you calculate the stop loss is it 3 times your daily target? As if you want to earn £50 a day and have £150 stop loss. Did you have any losing months ever?
    What BBP issues has this person are there any common problems with it?

    1. With BBP I have never had a problem with it at all. Only at the start, there was a bit of a learning curve but you soon get the hang of it. Yes I have had losing months, I would be a liar if I told you any different but, these are not very often, most weeks I get my £350 weekly profit.

  20. Hi Chris,
    finally I managed to buy your service. It’ s really good so far. When do you have time to analyse every dog??
    Can you tell me two things, please? There are some races not available on betfair- can i trade them anywhere on any exchange?
    and the second one- I’ m confused with the australian market. There are late hours given on your website but early on betfair and I can’ t find them
    thanks a lot

    1. It is difficult to find the time sometimes and I am already working on tomorrow’s selections. I get up really early between 3 am and 3.30 am every morning. Yes, you can trade the dogs anywhere, Betdaq is ok if they have enough matched bets but they are nowhere near as busy as Betfair. The Australian market times are difficult to convert because of the time differences between states. But, if you notice each race will have the Race Number, for instance, Addington Race 5 etc. You can also contact me at [email protected]

  21. Hi Chris, hope you’re well, Would it be possible please to have a copy of all your settings used for this? Like a system export? Also do you load up all your selections manually or do you import them via a csv? If you do them manually do you make selections for all the races that day or just pick like 20-30 races? Many thanks

  22. Hello Chris,
    I haven’ t been here for a few weeks now and I can see that you have added some three columns in the greyhounds tips section. What are they and how to use it?

    1. Hello Martin, Yes I have updated the points selection again with the three extra columns. It is to include the greyhound tips from Racing Post, Sporting Life and Betfair/Coral.
      Their tips read from left to right, so if you see under Racing Post column 345, it means they think trap 3 will win, trap 4 will be 2nd and trap 5 will be 3rd. It makes selecting our dogs to lay or back to win much easier. For instance, if the Racing post, sporting Life and Betfair/Coral all think trap 6 will win a race and I have given it the highest points, then this could be considered a good dog to back to win. Especially if the dog has very high points. Of course, if a dog also has low points and none of the other tipsters pick it to finish in the first 3 this would be considered a good lay bet. I hope this helps regards, Chris.

  23. Hi Chris,
    thank you for the explanation. Can I just get your settings, please? Do you think they will stop greyhounds soon due to this virus?
    take care

  24. Hi Chris,

    New member here!
    I was looking at your spreadsheets and my plan is to lay and back. Initially to test backing the dogs for a week then laying the dogs for a week. What would ou recommend me look out for on the backing bet side? Thank you

    1. Hello Gavin, I am currently testing another staking plan backing the dogs for a week. I am using the Custom Multiplier had a profit yesterday after a bad start but I have increased the initial stake from £2 to £4 to get to my profit target faster. The thing with backing the dogs to win is we don’t need such a big starting bank. My favorite staking plan though is Rolling Doubles but that is using The Staking Plan combined with Gruss. With the new layout now The Racing Post, Sporting Life and Betfair/Coral have been included alongside our points system so we have the best greyhound tips in one place.

      The tips from Racing Post, Sporting Life and Betfair/Coral read from left to right so if the numbers say 345 they think Trap 3 will win – Trap 4 will be second and Trap 5 will be third.

      Now if all three tipsters pick the same dog to win the race and we give it maximum points, then we have a very good tip.

      Hope this helps regards Chris.

  25. Hi chris just joined your service. i noticed tonights are Healesville and bundaberg .. these start at 2.05 am uk time ..i am wanting to do them manually so was wondering if you do any australian that start normal uk time ie 8 am onwards or does it vary ..thanks in advance

    1. Hello Ron, Yes I am just about to update the website again this morning. The UK time now is 3.50 am and the rest of the days raging tips from Australia are just being updated.

  26. hi Chris, how to apply the point to a place bet? I’m thinking maybe a dog not a clear back/lay for win bet, but could be sensible to bet on place market.

  27. Good Morning

    Are you going to be running the tipsters script again this morning to pick up the missing Racing Post selections?

  28. hi chris whats happened to the one horse per race tips? the new layout isnt really any use when it gives u multiple options

  29. Hi Chris,

    I am Brazilian and paid my monthly membership yesterday and I am very satisfied. Have there been any updates to the BetBotPro system? I’m a bit of a layman on the subject, but I identified that your settings has a different layout than the BetBotPro that I downloaded now. Can you help me with this? Thanks!

  30. HI Chris im having trouble with the settings on bbp. How do manuallt choose and then get the system to pick the lowest odds
    Cheers jake

  31. I am a new member and new to greyhound racing, I find the ratings very good but could be improved with estimated prices and a results section.
    I do horse ratings every day and would be lost without prices to filter my lays.
    I have tried to find a system and found that if I filter 8 and lower that Trap 3 is good to lay, but the prices can be poor value.
    At present, I am highlighting all top rated 28 and over. From these races I lay the 3rd rated as the prices are mostly good value for laying.
    I avoid Sunderland as the results have been unpredictable here.

  32. Hi

    Just bought a weeks subs but hoping to join permanently – can you mail me the BBP setting pls and the download file – thanks

  33. Hi Chris
    Done the 24hrs and very impressed!
    I put a bet on one as odds for lay weren’t good and won £56 at 29/1! Just wish had put more on! Will maybe try bot next,cheers!

  34. Hi Chris.
    I have just subscribed this week, so glad I did, really really helpful. After reading through all your content I’m going to start using BetBotPro next week, am I able to still get the settings that you use?

    Many thanks

  35. Hi Chris I subscribed a few days ago and really like the ratings very much. I am using a free version of betbotpro to just have a play around with.
    Can you tell me what version you use and also what are the best settings to use.
    I see that you use a recovery plan do you think that’s the best way to lay the dogs?
    Also what size bank is needed for this to be nice and safe.
    Finally have you or anyone else layed the dogs using liability stakes instead of a recovery plan.

  36. Hi, I have signed up for the service but it’s saying my password is wrong and I can’t access. I have requested a password reset but nothing arriving in my inbox. Really want to sign up= could you please get back to me. Thank you

  37. Hi ,
    I would like to make a better use if the software as I have been working with profit accumulator for several months now

  38. Hi Chris

    I have been using the points system a few days and it’s working well, however just looking at your 7 day test, on day 2 there are all various stakes being placed and in day 3 and 5, after a loss you use bigger stakes, what is the method in this? Thanks

    1. Hello Andy, The software BBP (Bet Bot Pro) will adjust the stake after a loss. The stake will be according to your settings and how many bets you have set to recover the loss. Good luck Chris.

  39. Hi chriss
    You didn’t mention about the copy of the settings for BetbotPro.
    Would be most grateful if I could have a copy please.
    I have purchased a weeks subscription.
    Many thanks,

  40. Hi Chris,
    trying to order 1 months subscription but wont let me as it tells me i have an active subscription
    which i dont. could you advise.

    1. Hello Andrew, Sorry about these problems you are having. You can choose to pay by either Paypal or Stripe. Maybe if you try clearing your Cookies and Browser History this might help? Regards Chris.

        1. Hello Andrew, I see you had 2 subscriptions in your name. 1. Pending and 1. a past order. I have cancelled both these now. Maybe it might work now? Regards Chris.

  41. Hi Chris,

    I am planning to use betangel automation on this greyhound laying system but I am not planning to use the loss recovery. Will it still profitable? or we should really have to use the recovery system for this to work?

  42. Hi Chris,
    Could you please send me your settings for laying greyhounds that you use on bet bot Pro
    Thanks Robert

    1. Hello, I have sent them to your email address but these are the old settings I used for placing the lay bets. Regards Chris.

  43. Ditto
    Can you please send me your settings for laying greyhound favs, I’m struggling to get bets placed automatically, I’m having to do manually which means I need to be sat at laptop…..will be very very much appreciated

    1. Sorry I do not have settings to place dogs automatically. But, you can select as many bets you want to place for upcoming races as much as you want.

  44. Apologies if this question has been asked before. I noticed that in the BBP software that there’s an option in the ‘Tools’ menu to “Export Selections to .CSV” . Is it possible that you could make the lay GH selections in BBP (based on your point system), export the selections .CSV file from within the BBP software, upload that to the same place on your website where people download the excel files (, and make that available to members too?

    I can’t speak for anyone else obviously, but I’d be willing to pay a little extra for that service. Working a full time job with unsociable hours, it’s very difficult to find the time to do the selections manually. Knowing that I could import the .CSV file with the picked lay selections into BBP in minutes would be a real time saver. I not saying that this option would be for everybody, since there are those who’d rather choose which races they’d prefer to lay bet.

    1. Hello, I do not provide the option to “Export Selections to .CSV”.
      It is a bad idea to select your lay bets like this and it is better to select manually.
      Every lay bet just be analyzed first as it is not just a matter of selecting the dogs with the lowest points.
      Non-runners can change options as can reserve dogs. Also, a shift in betting markets should also be watched.
      Regards Chris.

  45. Hi Chris56

    I joined a couple of days ago for the 7 day trial I AM SO GLAD I DID I use betbot pro and aim for £15 per day so far won every day which is just fine for an OAP so many many thanks for a BRILLIANT SYSTEM
    regards Cliff

  46. Hi again CHRIS56

    I have just got an email asking to subscribe as my 7 day trial was ending I did that already OK
    Also can you tell what settings work with BetBot Pro I just can not sort it out what I am using now is
    LayBot pro which is no longer available to download but my version is working OK
    Regards from a very happy Cliff

    1. Hello Cliff, The emails are automated so I am sorry about that. I have sent the BBP settings that I used some time ago in the video to your email address. However, these can be changed according to your own requirements. Regards Chris.

  47. Thanks for the service Chris. Is it on your plan to push out a CSV that is importable to BPP for the lays? One can then easily filter out the races with reserves, or non-runners etc…which you rightly recommend. The points system is great but in a world of automation, we need the CSV as others have pointed out, without compromising on the quality of selections

    1. Hello, I have looked into this many times but it is not really the best way to lay the dogs. Factor we can’t account for include weight in the betting. As you are probably aware some dogs can have large bets placed in the last few minutes. Also sometimes during the day, I update the tips as and when new data comes in. However, I will try to implement something in the future. Regards Chris.

  48. I could be wrong but surely if you have one loosing day of -100 then your max profit for the week would be 200 not 250 like stated

  49. Hi Chris,
    Great site!Have just signed up for a week to give it a go.I’ve re-installed Betbotpro and was wondering if you could email me the settings for laying dogs if possible.
    Much appreciated…cheers.

  50. Hi Chris,

    I just happened to find your site while looking for something else. The betting gods must be looking down on me favourably!!

    I will be signing up to 7 days of your service to start, along with the 7-day free trial of BBP.

    I’d be grateful if you could share your BBP settings with me. Please let me know if I’d need to sign up with you first to receive the settings.

    Also, I currently back and lay horses and football on Betfair and I’m wondering if I’d be able to continue doing this while running BBP but keeping the bank and staking plan separate for your selections.

    Lastly, do you have a rough guide for a starting bank to target £10, £20, £30, £40 and £50 per day?

    Hope this all makes sense


    1. I will send the BBP settings to your email address, but they are just a starting guide. You should be able to keep your bets seperate. Starting bank is difficult to advise. I stated with a £300 bank years ago, looking to make a £20 daily profit.

  51. Hi Chris,

    I purchased a 7 day subscription but the links I received in the email to create a password and access my account are not working.

    I’m now able to login and view tips on my phone but when I first tried to view tips on my laptop, I was asked to enter and then change my password (which I couldn’t as I wasn’t able to set one via the email link) and now I’m being redirected to the shopping page.

    Hoping you can help.


  52. Hi Chris,

    Same issue as above. Downloaded a trial of bet bot pro as well. Please could you send the BBP settings across through email?


  53. Hello….is there any long term data available here for me to go through? Any system relying on recovery staking usually scares the pants off me (through bitter experience).

    1. Hello, There are many different systems you can try. I have been looking at a new backing system that has consistently produced a profit for the last few days. I will be sharing this soon. But, all I really do is to provide the best greyhound tips available and my own points system.

  54. Following this system and using the Fibonacci Sequence and I am up to 8 losers in a row (3 last night, 5 this morning) and the stakes are getting pretty high. How long do you go before you stop and decide it doesn’t work? I am betting £2 points and have a bank of a couple of grand….which is depleting fast 🙂

    1. Hello, I have stopped for the day, following this bad run. You should have a stop loss in mind and if you reach that, then just stop for the day. On another day you can probably recover the losses.

  55. Hi, I’ll try this with £1 stakes first. Looking at the screenshot, it looks like the loss recovery is set to add £4 (or the original stake) to each of the next bets until it recovers the loss, so is this how you’ve set it?

    1. If using a software to place your bets, such as BBP it will work out the next stake for you, depending on your initial settings.

    1. I will send them to your email address now. However, they are really only for a guide now because I use different settings now, for my greyhound lays and greyhound tips.

  56. Do you still do the lays and find them profitable? I tried from the 9th July to yesterday on paper selecting the lowest points that weren’t tipped to finish in the top 3 and the losses outweighed the wins. I think the first 4 days had a profit, but the 5th day lost all of that because the odds it layed at with the loss recovery stake made it go way over the £50 limit anyway. This was with odds of between 2 and 12, the lowest points under 15 that weren’t tipped to finish in the top 3 and selecting the one with the lowest odds at the off if there was more than one. I had a play with the selection criteria and found one that was a bit more consistent, but takes longer to hit the profit target:

    Select the ONE runner with the lowest points under 15 (or more if they have the same amount of points)
    Mustn’t be tipped to finish in the top 3 by any 3 of the tipsters
    BSP between 2 and 9
    5 runners or more
    No reserves
    Select the runner with the lowest odds if more than one qualify

    I found with those, I only had one losing day out of 15. The target was 6 winning bets at £5 each, but it can take longer to hit the target because not as many qualify, especially if there are a couple of losing bets and you have to do loss recovery.

    1. To be honest I am using the backing strategy each day now. “Select the ONE runner with the lowest points under 15 (or more if they have the same amount of points)
      Mustn’t be tipped to finish in the top 3 by any 3 of the tipsters
      BSP between 2 and 9
      5 runners or more
      No reserves
      Select the runner with the lowest odds if more than one qualify”
      This is basically the system I used before. If using BBP to place your greyhound lay bets then BBP will select the dog with the lowest odds. The reason I went with odds up to 12 was because I could get more bets matched. It is better to be more selective, like you are doing because it is safer and a less likely to lose.

  57. Yeah, I also found that you could just go for one or two bets a day as most of the time the first 2 lay bets win. So you could do them for £10 or £15 each, then use loss recovery until you get to a loss limit.

  58. Hi Chris, I would also appreciate any info about loading up selections into BetbotPro each day. What are the recommended settings, etc ?
    Whats your strategy, could u explain ?

    Thank for your work

  59. Hi chris,
    you could give me any info about loading up selections into BetbotPro. What are the recommended settings?
    Whats your strategy, could u explain ?

    Thank for your work

  60. Hi Chris, I woyld also appreciate any info about loading up selections into BetbotPro each day. What are the recommended settings, etc ?
    Could u explain your strategy?
    Thaks so much

  61. I tried to watch the videos before sending a message, but I didn’t understand, I also tried to read the text, but it doesn’t say whether you use fixed stakes, your methods, or whether you double your stake in case of defeat.
    and I also didn’t find anything about the bot’s configuration.
    I know you have no obligation to pass, but it would be a great help, I’m starting now.
    Please tell me in detail how you use your settings and how you make your selections.

    thank you very much

    1. As I say in the videos and on the website guide. This is using the Fibonacci staking plan. So the bets increase following a loss. It is fully explained on the guide All the greyhound tips are on the website each morning and all the greyhound racing tips are pre-selected.

  62. Fernando Reis Da Silva

    Boa noite, estou tentando fazer a compra e so da que to impedido de fazer o pedido, como faço para resolver isso e fazer a assinatura?

  63. Hello
    I apologize for asking this question!
    Is it worth buying the software, BetBotPro?
    I’m asking this question here because I don’t see more advertising and owner involvement!
    I tested the FREE version and I didn’t really get good results, possibly because I don’t know the software well!

    1. Hello,
      There are quite a few different bet placement softwares available but I found BBP works for me.
      It does need some time to get used to it.

  64. Hi Chris,

    I have tried your points system for laying bet for few days and I found these points does not work all the time. I got about 2 losses out of 5 days. The dog that has the lowest point is sometime the one will win at the end. With the recovery stake plan in BetBotPro, if it loss it again within the recovery bet this will soon become a huge loss. This is happening today where I drop from 150 to around 30 within just 10 races! Any comment on how accurate this points you given? Thanks.

    1. Hello,
      The tips are just a guide, how you use the tips is up to each person. The backing tips were not very good today and this does happen sometimes. Today though you should have hit your profit with the greyhound tip Monmore 14.17 Trap 5 Longacres Noah which won at 7/2. Also if there is a losing day you should be able to recover any losses on the winning days, that is how the system works. The greyhound lay bets were also very good again today.

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