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Lay Bet Greyhound Strategy

ideas for greyhound lay bets

Lay Bet Greyhound Strategy

The new page Laying Greyhounds Daily has all of the best greyhound lay bet or lay bets pre-selected. However the system works like this.

Choosing our lay bets before I introduced our pre-selected greyhound lay bets was a very simple process, but it was time consuming. Now it is much easier.

Dogs run from traps each dog is placed in a trap.

Trap 1 – Trap 2 – Trap 3 – Trap 4 – Trap 5 – Trap 6 

Every dog in those traps is given a points score of how we think each dog has a chance of winning this race. The higher the points score the more chance the dog has of winning this race (In our opinion)

So for our Lay Bets we are looking for greyhounds with less than 16 points.

In the image above looking at Sheffield 10:47

At the right hand side you will see 3 columns

Racing Post – Sporting Life – Betfair/Coral

In the columns under these headings are numbers, these are the greyhound tips from each of these tipsters.

So in the first row we have Racing Post 315 this means they predict that Trap 3 will be 1st place – Trap 1 will be 2nd place and Trap 5 will be 3rd place.

Next column we have Sporting Life again they predict 315 this means they predict that Trap 3 will be 1st place – Trap 1 will be 2nd place and Trap 5 will be 3rd place.

Next we have Betfair/Coral and they predict 361 that means they predict that Trap 3 will be 1st place – Trap 6 will be 2nd place and Trap 1 will be 3rd place.

This would leave both Trap 2 and Trap 4 that are our matched possible lay bets.

Trap 2 was odds of 10.0 and Trap 4 was odds of 6.0

In this race our lay bet was Trap 4. This is because Trap 4 has the lowest odds of these two possible lay bets.

In addition I only want to lay dogs below odds of 12.0 and if there is a reserve running, I don’t usually bet in that race.

I choose to lay greyhounds at odds of 12.0 or below because this way we get more matched bets. I used to lay at odds of 8.0 or below but to get a matched bet was very difficult.

I have also noticed that the longer priced winners usually happen in the lower grades of greyhound races.

Why Choose a

Lay Bet Greyhound Strategy

As I said earlier, now it is even easier to find your lay bets and they can also be quickly added to Bet Bot Pro (BBP). To the right of the Lay Bet Sheet, you can now download the greyhound lay bets in various formats. On the right hand side of this sheet are the “dogs names” just copy and paste these to an excel sheet and save then in BBP you can import  the list directly. Choose your lay bet strategy and BBP will instantly select all your lay bets for the greyhounds and place the bets as of your settings.

bet settings
dog lay tips
A screenshot of a betting software interface named "Staking Plan" featuring dropdown menus and fields for settings such as "Lay Bet Progress," "Initial Stake," "Recovery %," and "Cycles," with action buttons like "Reset.

Above is the staking plan I use with my greyhound lay bets. As can be seen I am using the staking plan “Recovery Stake” and my recovery if there is a losing bet is set at 25% that is to recover the losses over the next 4 bets.

All of the settings here can be adjusted to suit yourself.

6 thoughts on “Lay Bet Greyhound Strategy”

  1. Hi, just signed up and loving the simplicity and the system being used. Just wondered what so you recommended setting a stop loss at? Thanks and keep
    Up the good work!! Russ

    1. Hello Russ, thanks for the feedback regarding the system. I have my stop/loss set at £300 with a profit target set at £52.

      1. Great thank you, good to know. Is that because if you hit a few high odds winners it gives the strategy time to recover? Approximately (difficult to say I know) how many winning days do you get in comparison to losing days? Be good to have an idea on recent months profits / losses? If you wouldn’t mind sharing? Thank you.

          1. Thanks Chris. Just struggling to see where the long term profit may sit if the stop loss then wipes out nearly a weeks worth of profit?

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