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Laying Greyhounds Guide Updated For 2024

Laying Greyhounds Guide

Because of all the updates that we have done recently, I thought I should write a full guide to laying greyhounds in 2024, using our new greyhound lays.

The other guide One Week’s Testing Of Greyhound Lays was written in 2019, so this is the updated version for 2024.

We are looking to make a daily profit target of £52 and we will be using initial stakes of £4.

The screenshot above is from Friday 26th April 2024 and these were the genuine tips that appeared on the website for laying greyhounds on that day. On this day I placed my Lay Bets manually on Match Book and used The Staking Machine to work out my next betting stake.

Laying Greyhounds Guide Strategies

We are only interested in a consistent profitable strategy, with this laying greyhounds guide a tried and tested lay system for greyhound racing. Yes, there will be losing days and we have to allow for this, but overall the winning days should outweigh the losing days.

When laying greyhounds to lose, the stakes we place are much higher than those of betting to win. However, it is much easier to find a loser in a race than it is to find a winner.

greyhound profits
greyhound betting
best betting odds
A bright image with a red background and the words "Recovery Staking Plan" in yellow at the top, and a yellow banner with blue text saying "When Using Bet Bot Pro" at the bottom.
A square image featuring bold text on an orange background that reads "Lay % Recovery When Laying Manually" in a playful, uneven font.
how to win at gambling

Lay system for greyhound racing

As part of our consistency we have to set a profit target for the day and when this target is met, then we must stop wagering for the day. I personally stop when I have reached my profit target of £52 for the day. Laying greyhounds, I can reach my target after 14 successful lay bets. The bookmakers will take a percentage of our bet, so a £4 win will become £3.80 with betfair. That is £3.80 x 14 = £53.20

Lay betting on greyhounds

You will need a funded betting account, so for instance you will have £500 in a betfair account. You will need to leave this amount in this account all the time. Whenever you withdraw your winnings if you have £780 in this account, you will only withdraw £280.

The video below is to show how to import the greyhound lay bet tips into Bet Bot Pro (BBP). This is a very good lay betting software for greyhounds and I use it all the time.

Below Greyhound Lay Bet Results 27th April 2024

greyhound profits

Greyhound Racing Odds

Another thing I noticed over the years of laying greyhounds is that the higher odds winners usually come from the lower grade of greyhound racing. That is grade 7 and above, D5 and above, S4 and above. Open races and handicap races are usually off better racing dogs. I must admit to still be shocked and amazed to see 16/1 and 20/1 rank outsiders winning some greyhound races. 

Category of RaceGrade RangeInformation
AA1 to A11Greyhound speed levels with A1 being the fastest
D (Sprinting dogs)D1 to D6Sprinting greyhounds fast but often over a shorter distance
S (Staying dogs)S1 to S6Run over a longer distance, but smaller number of greyhound races

Waiting on Sporting Life Dog Tips

Today 01st May 2024 I am waiting for the greyhound tips from SL and at 11.55 am they are still not available. The way we have our Lay betting strategy to work, relies on all the tipsters greyhound tips being available. The first race today as I write this as at 11.32 am. Sometimes SL are late updating their website but today is very late. Just checked again this afternoon at 16.10 pm and their greyhound tips have still not been updated.

I have a software currently being built called *SoftwareGen*, it is not really finished yet, but needs must so I used that today rather than wait for SL.

Greyhound form guide
A digital sports betting interface showing multiple rows of horse races with details such as date, start time, race market status, and results. Icons indicate various functions like suspension and settings.

Laying Greyhounds Guide 2024

The above screenshots are on the left from 28th April 2024 and again we exceeded our profit target of £52 for the day. We had a very good 86.2% strike rate.

To the right 29th April 2024 we can see that there were two losing lay bets quite close to each other. The software BBP went into recovery, as you can see. There are some quite high stakes being placed here, but this is how lay betting works. We are not just going in for a one-day profit; we have to think of “long term greyhound lay betting.” Profits from betting on a regular basis. As it was, we recovered our losses and were into profit again.

using software to place bets
Screenshot of a betting software interface displaying multiple horse races with details such as start time, market name, distance, and betting status. Some races are marked as "SUSPENDED" in red, others as "OPEN" in green.

The images above, on the left, are from 30th April 2024. We had a losing bet from the start and had to go into recovery right away. All was going well until the 12th bet, when we had another losing lay bet, so again we were in recovery, and luckily we quickly hit our profit target again.

To the right 01st May 2024. After the long wait for the SL tips, that never appeared. I had to use another method to get three different greyhound lay tips uploaded to the website. I used a software called SoftwareGen that is still in production to get our missing dog tips. Everything went well with this, and we had a 100% win strike rate and did not have to go into recovery at all. If only every day was like this.

That is six straight winning days with a profit target of at least £52.00 on each day. 6 x £52 = £312

So far, in this Laying Greyhounds guide, I have just shown you how to go to the website, download the .csv and load these into BBP. But, you don’t need to just accept these Greyhound lay bets you can be selective if you wish. In this greyhound lay betting guide I just load the dogs and let the software run. You can go through the bet schedule within BBP and uncheck some bets if you want to. For instance, not placing lay bets on A11 or not wanting to lay dogs in handicap races, it is up to you.

Lay selections for greyhound races
Results 02nd May 2024

These are the results from today’s greyhound lay bets, to the left. I have found recently that the greyhound lay bet tips seem to be more accurate in the afternoon. Maybe this will change again soon, and the morning dogs might be better.

I am using the *Recovery Stake* staking plan when using BBP, and mine is set to recover any losses over 4 races at 25%. Following a loss, as shown in the image to the left, the software will increase the stake amount accordingly. It will revert back to normal staking limits when the deficit has been recovered. 

When there are more than one possible greyhound lay bet selected, BBP will choose the selection with the lowest odds. As long as you have selected a maximum of 1 bet to be placed within the software settings.

The software will continue running and laying greyhounds until your profit target has been met. After your profit has been met for the day, it is good practice to use the reset button to reset the profit target, ready for the next day.


You should have a limit of how much you are prepared to lose, when things go wrong. Mine is set at £300 but you can adjust this to suit yourself. Some might have this set at £100 or £200, but it is up to you. It’s the same as your profit target, this can be set at whatever you want. I have mine set at winning £52 a day because that is what I am comfortable with. I know someone who uses initial £2 stakes with a profit target of just £10.

Risk Management and Bankroll Management when Laying Greyhounds:

As with any form of gambling, risk management and bankroll management are essential aspects of successful lay betting. It is wise to exercise discipline and prudence in our wagering activities, avoiding reckless bets and overexposure to risk. By establishing clear betting limits, allocating a portion of the bankroll to each wager, and adhering to a systematic approach, we can mitigate losses and sustain long-term profitability.

finding the best betting odds

Selecting Your Greyhound Lay Bets

If you are using software to place your bets such as BetBotPro (BBP) it will always select the greyhound with the shortest odds as the greyhound lay bet for us. So if we have three possible lay bets, *Trap 1 – 3.0*, *Trap 2 – 8.0*, *Trap 3 – 16.0* then it will select Trap 1.

In the image above it is taken from todays 06th May 2024 greyhound lay bets.

Greyhound Lay Betting Results 08/09-May-2024

Lay Betting Greyhounds
A detailed spreadsheet with multiple columns and rows displaying betting information, outcomes, race details, and odds. The text includes various colors to highlight specific data points.

Yesterday 08th May 2024 I was experimenting and took the winnings up to £128.76 by mid afternoon. This was using initial stakes of £4 as per normal. As can be seen in the images above, there were a couple of losing bets, so the software went into recovery to win back the losses. These were the genuine greyhound lay betting tips as appeared on the website.

easy lay betting

This image above is taken from todays results 09th May 2024. Again I was experimenting and used £5 initial stakes with a profit target of £50. In fact the system won £57 for the day after only 12 successful lay bets with a 100% strike rate. The system did not have to go into recovery this time and all went according to plan. 

You can see here that sometimes a lay bet does not get placed, this is usually due to the odds being too high and the software does not place the bet. I usually keep an eye on the betting and if a dog that is set to lay has too much betting volume, you can cancel this bet before the selection takes place. However, on this occasion I did not have to do this.

Greyhound Lay Betting Update for 12th May 2024

Laying Greyhounds Guide Results

Below are the results for the greyhound lay bets for this week from 06th May 2024 to today 12th May 2024

Total Profit This Week = £451.85

Each download button gives you access to all the excel sheets where you can view this weeks greyhound results.

These are the genuine greyhound selections as they were available on the website each day.

There were no losing days again this week with the greyhound lay bets and you can see on one of the days we had a 100% strike rate.

Today the 12th May 2024 I did have some quite large stakes being placed because there were two losing bets quite close to each other. The software BBP went into recovery and this was the reason for the large stakes.

Most days I was just placing the lay bets from the morning but it does appear that the better lay bets have been in the afternoon just lately. On Wednesday I was trying out something and took the profits up to £128.74 on that day and I also tried using initial £5 starting stakes. It seems for me it is better with initial £4 stakes but I have now chosen to recover any losses over 3 bets set at 33.3% recovery and this works better for me.

Remember you can set your profit target at whatever you want. You can try it out to win £10 profit for the day or £20 profit for the day to start with. In addition you can also try it out in simulator mode to begin with, without any risk to your real money.

Laying Greyhounds Guide Results

Above, I have added the results for the greyhound lay bets for this week from 13th May 2024, to 19th May 2024

Total Profit This Week: £384.64

To be honest, in this laying greyhounds guide, on Thursday 16th May I did hit my stop/loss in the morning and was losing £150 for that day. I decided to try again with the afternoon bags racing, and I won this time.

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