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Previous Greyhound Racing Results

Greyhound Results

TimeVenueNameTrap NumberResults
1103SunderlandNuthill Aimee65th
1128Central ParkOur Steve64th
1134SunderlandBallyhoe Alpha34th
1206HenlowFieldview Mika 31st
1218SunderlandJays Comanche25th
1242SheffieldTromora Kylie62nd
1307HenlowIndigo Blue65th
1312SheffieldZip Downunder61st
1328Central ParkGaltymoore Maria14th
1344SheffieldLackenroe Spark13rd
1359SheffieldGeelo Princess26th
1403CrayfordAnglesey One4NR
1408RomfordBorwick Jo Jo14th
1648RomfordDenwill Oscar61st
1658CrayfordDroopys Eloise44th
1722Perry BarrBeech Hill Lass31st
1754CrayfordMurder She Wrote32nd
1819RomfordSaleen Riley15th
1837YarmouthCurley Whit61st
1857LimerickOrlando Breeze21st
1905YarmouthMarlfield Modric42nd
1917HoveSkilful Sandie12nd
1919YarmouthDalsha Brave65th
1938MonmoreMineola Mycat31st
1940Shelbourne Laughil Simon61st
1944LimerickBlackwalk Joanne24th
1949HoveAayamza Royale11st
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Points System

The points system we use is a simple & fast way to easily identify which greyhounds are most likely to win or lose a race (in our opinion).

The higher the points the greater the chance of winning, the lower the points, the greater chance a dog has of losing a race.

Laying The Dogs

The way I do this is to find two or three greyhounds with the least points, then match these against the odds. If the lowest trap points have odds above 10 then I look at the next lowest trap points. Ideally I am looking for odds of between 2.0 to 4.0 if all the odds are to high, I leave the race alone.

Staking Plan & System

I use The Staking Machine & Gruss Software but it’s up to you to choose your own. I have mine set to a win profit of the day of £50 as soon as that is matched I stop for the day. The staking plan I use is Lay % up down but again it’s up to you.

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