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The Staking Machine TSM Important Update – TSM V6.0 R1.42 Now Available

Important Information for anyone who uses TSM for Automated Betting with Gruss Betting Assistant. 
Due to security updates, from tomorrow (07/02/2019) Betfair will prevent anyone using Gruss Betting Assistant Version from logging into the Betfair API. As a result all, Gruss users are required to update their software to After this update previous main releases of TSM will NOT be able to place bets when using

If you wish to continue using TSM for Automated Betting you MUST update to TSM Version 6.0 R1.42 which is available to download now. 

If you are already using any previous versions of TSM Version 6.0 all you need to do is download the latest version and install it. All previous settings will be saved. Latest download can always be found at


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